Benefits of embedding Instagram hashtag feed on your website

Nowadays users don’t visit your website until and unless you have something unique and new about it. With the emerging use of social media platforms like Instagram, you have a chance to take your website to the next level.

Instagram serves over 500 million people which makes Instagram a perfect marketing platform. It can provide you with results you would not have imagined. It has many important features it but one very beneficial feature can be the use of hashtags and hashtag feed. They can help you in ways unimagined.

Benefits of embedding Instagram hashtag feed on your website

How do Instagram Hashtags work?

You must have noticed that when somebody posts something on Instagram, it is supplemented with a caption and few hashtags. These hashtags organize and categorize the content uploaded on Instagram for easier content discovery and classification.

For example, someone posts a picture of them with the Taj Mahal in India, they can use the hashtags like #TheTajMahal and #India for their pictures. Whenever somebody searches for #TheTajMahal that picture will show too.

You can expand your social reach to other social media platforms as well. If you share your post on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr also, your hashtags will be carried too. This way you will not be confined to just Instagram.

Why Instagram Hashtags?

There is a reason why people use Instagram Hashtags with their pictures. These hashtags can be of great significance if used correctly.

1. Easy Discovery of Content

As I already mentioned, hashtags help organize and categorize the content on Instagram. The main motive for the organization is to make content more accessible and easy to discover.

Hashtags work as keywords work in search engines. People search for what they want on search engines, similarly, you can search for anything on Instagram with the help of hashtags. For example, you want pictures and videos of Eiffel Tower, you can simply search for #eiffeltower on Instagram and all posts will appear before you.

2. Encourages Audience Interaction

Hashtags have proven to be quite useful for audience engagement. This is why many brands promote their branded hashtags expecting people to interact with them.

For example, Nike promotes #justdoit. Nike users utilize this hashtag for their posts and in return, Nike shares their posts. People continue to keep posting to get featured in Nike’s official account. This way the audience interaction is constantly maintained.

3. You get a clue about the latest trends

If you track specific hashtags regularly, you can get a hint about the latest trends related to your hashtag. This way you can keep an eye on your competitors or public demands as well. It can help you to modernize and develop your products.

What is Instagram Hashtag Feed?

The feed that is produced using hashtags is known as an Instagram Hashtag Feed. These feeds can be produced with the help of social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. These aggregators fetch content through hashtags or account handles and display it in the form of one unified wall. This Instagram Hashtag feed can then be embedded on your website or promoted on digital screens in events.

How will integrating Instagram Hashtag Feed on your website benefit you?

Having a branded hashtag is the biggest blessing here. You can encourage your followers and users to post content with your hashtag. This will not help you improve your social presence but create social proof as well. Here are a few more things you would want to consider:

1. Increases User Engagement

Instagram is a visual platform, embedding your Instagram Hashtag Feed on your website will make it more good-looking and engaging. Your users might post pictures with your hashtag in order to get featured on your website. This way the user-engagement increases.

2. Social Proof Generation

When people mention your hashtag with their posts, they are actually creating social proof for your brand. These posts work as proof of people using and enjoying your products.

3. Shoppable Posts Integration

Instagram allows you to create shoppable posts for business profiles. You can integrate and create shoppable posts from user-generated content on your website as well. It can help your website visitors look at your products in action in real life giving them a final push to buy the products.

4. Higher Sales and Conversion Rate

When people will be engaging themselves with your website, they will buy products from your website and post about them. You will acquire new and loyal customers with the help of their posts. More customers will definitely end up buying more products resulting in higher sales and higher conversion rates for your brand.

5. Increases Brand Trust

When so many people post real-life pictures of your products, they increase the credibility of your brand. They show new users how amazing your products are and they are helping them. Seeing other users happy, the trust in your brand will automatically be heightened.

6. Improved Brand Value

All these points together help to improve your brand value. When people realize that your brand is giving priority to its customers and improving user experience, they will start to value your brand more.


Embedding your Instagram Hashtag Feed can prove to be quite beneficial for your brand. It can help you with multiple aspects such as user-engagement, brand trust, shoppable posts, and brand value. Most importantly your brand can grow with minimal efforts and investment. This can be the ultimate solution for your brand.

Try embedding your Instagram Hashtag Feed and see how your sales rise in no time.