Ways to use animated videos to increase your businesses conversion rates

Animated marketing has become one of the more used tools for marketing. It is an effective method to increase web traffic and conversion rates. As per a study, 80% of the viewers of animated marketing videos are most likely to buy the product, than those exposed to traditional advertisements. Those same users are retained for longer, they revisit more often and stay longer on the sites as well compared to those who have not been offered a marketing video.

Ways to use animated videos to increase your businesses conversion rates

You’ll have a few seconds on you to grasp your viewers’ attention, convey the message of your video and convince them regarding the benefits you have to offer. And you can get all that done through an affordable video animation maker that will cater to all your needs and requirements concerning your content.

Here are some tips on how to start off with it;

Create a high-quality video:

Animated videos that stand out work well as educational videos, they are entertaining and engaging. Know the secret ingredient to bewitch your viewers with quality content, your animated video will automatically elevate your business.

You must take your time to form an outline and map your video, even before you begin working on your video. It will assist you in forming boundaries and staying intact from drifting away. You will be requiring a script for your video since a video without a script is a human without a backbone. And that’s not all, a storyboard is needed as well to make sure that all your contents within the video have been systematically placed at their right places.

Incorporating illustrations within your animated video is the fun part, this is where the creativity begins. They are a crucial element to the video as your viewers are going to use it to ground themselves with and sympathize with.

Convey a story through your animated video:

It is important to understand the importance of creativity for animated videos. Communicating through the medium of storytelling is universal, it has prevailed since the very beginning. And everyone loves stories, whether it’s a young child or an adult or maybe your viewer.

Understand your buyer’s personalities, know what resonates with them; only then will you be able to create a story that blends in with your viewer’s perspective. You will be able to build an emotional connection with your viewer only when you give yourself time to think and look from different perspectives. As you get into your story, try not to overdo it since that will cause it to lose its essence. Too many details under one story can get overwhelming for the audience.

Keeping the animated video short and concise:

A good animated video for businesses is always short, longer videos are never taken too seriously. And you wouldn’t want the same with yourself; therefore, transition your story in a subtle manner while covering all the aspects within it, one by one. The longer the video is going to be the more your viewer’s engagement will fall. To keep your video short, stick to the main message that you are supposed to convey in your video; keeping in mind that you put the most important first, before all the others. To ensure that your viewers witness the important part of the video, even if they decide to quit after it or get distracted.

You aim should be to go for a video that is of two minutes or less for maximum viewer participation. And with the right approach, you will be able to nail this.

Making it your video more visible

Having an exceptional video wouldn’t matter much if viewers are unable to access it. And a video can be more accessible by being placed on a significant spot under the limelight. Imagine having a well-made video that is placed at the very end of the site. It is only expected of it to have less viewer engagement.

To make it more visible you must add a thumbnail to it that stands out, draws in attention and makes an individual click on the video. It’s best to place your animated video on top of your business page for it to gain as much attention and recognition as possible.

Incorporate these key points in your animated video created for your business and you’ll see a significant boost from your customers.