10 tips to follow that will make you a better illustrator

Working as an illustrator for over a decade, I learned several things along the journey. And those seeds of wisdom can be helpful for other fellow illustrators who are new to this field. Based on different observations and experiences, I have come to the conclusion that illustration as a form of art requires no boundaries; it is free-flowing. And once you try to define it too much with labels, it loses its essence. Here are some tips that you should consider following for illustration;

10 Tips to incorporate into illustration

10 tips to follow that will make you a better illustrator

1. Let go of styles:

It is very common amongst illustrators to be obsessed with illustration styles and they tend to focus all their precious time on efforts while trying to find styles. When instead what they could be doing is to simply work and their style will appear instinctively. Working at your own pace is going to allow you to discover more things than you bounding yourself with the expectation to find a specific art style.

In case there is someone else’s work that influences you then you can use that as an exercise. And within that process, you will be able to see your key areas, as to what suits you best.

2. Prioritizing the use of papers:

Digital methods have become extremely common in the field of arts as they allow the illustrator to finalize their work effectively. However, it has been noticed that artists tend to think more creatively when they have a piece of paper with them. It allows them to brainstorm and explore more. Hands and eyes working together in sync create unique pieces as working digitally requires tweaking. It is comparatively harder to imagine a bigger picture on a digital medium.

Similarly, with pen and paper; words often flow out more naturally than on a computer. Thoughts entangle themselves with ease. Paper is one of the oldest findings and technologies that humans have and have been using.

3. Rational for time:

It is very easy to assume and make a conclusion but harder to achieve. Ideas are pretty different when they are transformed into a physical form. It is humanly impossible to work for several hours straight with an intact approach and produce intellectually fulfilling work. Nor is it possible to complete a 10-hour job in just 2 hours.

It is only natural to be frustrated regarding work progress but in a manner to keep yourself retained and focused on your work you are required to have discipline in your work. Instead of escaping reality, use it to your advantage. Time can also be your buddy if you cater to its needs properly and you can do that by maintaining your work and categorizing it into steps and layers. This way you will not be rushing into it and will have the chance to add extra tweaks into it by the end of it, boosting your final piece from good to impeccable.

4. Create your own ideas:

This might be the biggest mistake you could do and that is to steal others’ ideas. It is almost the most disgraceful thing you could do to yourself and your work. Taking reference from other’s work to practice or to gain ideas is a totally different concept whereas, copying it is entirely different. Make sure that you have your own individualistic ideas in handy, they should be eye catchy and conceptual.

You might face instances where you will have the same core idea but with enough focus and dedication, you too can come up with something different. Think free and imagination even more freely.

5. Know yourself:

All illustrators cross this known path where they face confusion and inspiration at the same time. You will create but you might not feel satisfied with your end product and in spite of all, you will still be driven to create something, which results in another attempt at it.

In a manner to create an illustration successfully, you need to observe yourself. Once you know yourself, you will be able to evaluate your position and your strengths.

By following these 5 tips, you will be guaranteed to have a productive journey as an illustrator.

by Aaron
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  1. Hey Aaron,

    I know that illustrator is a art which requires no boundaries ,it is free flowing. Yes you are right illustration style is very important and many people give much focus on find styles.

    You have also suggested awesome tips to incorporate into illustration which is very easy to understand and to follow. All of your in which i liked that to create our own ideas which is very important because our idea will be different to other ideas.

    thank you,
    – sweety

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