How to create an app like snapchat in 2019

Communication is an important part of our lives but thanks to the development of chat applications it has gotten much easier to stay in touch with your loved one with a simple click. However, if you want to create an application similar to snapchat you will be required to understand the application inside and out in a manner to make it work successfully.

How to create an app like snapchat in 2019

Applications similar to snapchat are known for their feature that allows the users to share pictures, videos and stories. The best about them is that they are self-destructive, they clear away in a matter of seconds once they have been sent to someone. It is popular amongst teenagers and young adults, but these applications never fail to hit new demographics every now and then. The element of visual communication makes these applications more interesting.

Here are 7 steps that you can follow to make an app like snapchat;

7 Steps to creating an app similar to snapchat

Step 1. Detection phase:

The main aim of this stage is to ensure a difference between functional and non-functional characteristics that might cause hindrance in the project and potentially harm your application. Any wrong element within your application can cause a decrease in its functionality and performance.

Step 2. Credentials:

At this stage business analysts and project managers are going to prepare project specifications for your application that will include the features of your app. This will assist you in understanding how your application is going to perform once it’s been made and launched.

Step 3. Prototyping:

The next step is to create prototypes of the application that may include scenes and designs present within the app.

Step 4. UI/UX designing:

Based on the prototype that has been created for the screen, developers are going to create your application’s user interface. Having an aesthetic and effective interface is essential as it is the first thing that’ll leave an impression on your users.

Step 5. Expansion:

As the design has been made, the mobile development team can integrate the needed features in the app. As the development stage enhances you will start getting a better overview of the project’s requirements when it comes to functionality.

Step 6. Quality assurance:

Having a quality assurance team is going to allow your application to be bug-free. Making it more easy to use for the users. The better the QA is the more users the applications going to retain and increase its following.

Step 7. Positioning:

Once all the steps have been taken care of you can launch your app and make it accessible to your users.

2 Core functionality of apps like snapchat

It used to be a simple application that had primary features of disappearing messages that would vanish within 10 seconds. Overtime snapchat like applications added features that provide an immersive interaction. In short, snapchat like applications have evolved into a mixture of private messages and public content that includes brand networks, video and audio sharing along with live sharing of events. Apart from that, it has prevailed itself into an entertainment application, transforming messaging into giant video-sharing multipurpose service.

The best part about applications similar to snapchat is that you can save memories through, may it be in the form of a picture or video. And those memories don’t have to stay confined to you only, you can even share them around with your peers and family.

Message exchange:

Users being able to communicate through media graphy gives them more space to connect through different means than just one that is textual. Being able to edit photographs, add filters with texts and captions, makes the application more interesting and grasps attention from its users. The easy accessibility maintains to retain the application users and regain newer ones to join the fun-loving community. The additional feature that comes along with this is self-destructing messages that go away in 24 hours of time unless the user has decided to save them. This will keep their content safe and private.

Location sharing:

This feature has enabled users to stay connected with their friends and followers in terms of location as well. Users can share their experiences and adventures in a different manner now, by tagging themselves on the map and informing their friends what they’re up to.

By implementing these steps and 2 core functionalities to the application you will, in no doubt be able to create an exceptionally well-developed app like snapchat.