12 Tips to Improve Your Conversions

To improve conversions, you have applied and set up stunning landing pages to achieve the marketing objectives.

Conversions start to take off, but it still seems that your visitors carry small purchase, registration or other desired actions. So first of all, know that the average conversion rate in France is 3%. So do not panic if you are bound to 2%.

improve conversions

Nevertheless, many companies do not reach this figure, here today 12 techniques to try to inflate your conversion rate.

1. Follow the path to conversion

First, the first tip is to create compelling CTA to encourage your visitors to perform a particular action.

Then you need to optimize your landing page as on the substance and form.

To continue, check your forms because they should not be too long and only include essential information you need to convert. Example, if you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter, there is no reason to put a field “address” or “ZIP code.” Stick to ask their email address and possibly their name and name.

Finally, you need to have perfect thank you page to generate new actions from your prospect/customer freshly converted.

2. Facilitate the buying cycle

To encourage the transition to the action of your visitors, it is essential to facilitate the process. Whether to sign up for your newsletter make a purchase or download a white paper, the procedure should be as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

A long tunnel will discourage buying your users while if it is short, the purchase will be made quickly. You must, therefore, reduce the sales cycle by reducing the number of pages.

Another technique is to request email as soon as possible so users or offer them an inscription with their Facebook or Twitter account rather than create one.

3. Treat the design and ergonomics of your website

It is important to pay attention to the design of your site, and that respects the rules of ergonomics.

You should also optimize the loading time of all your pages. Indeed, reducing the speed of your site enables users to experience optimal.

Then, your site must be suitable for tablets and smartphones by offering a compassionate release or mobile. Nowadays, mobile navigation has a prominent role, and therefore a website providing a pleasant experience in all media allows to generate more conversions.

4. Optimize your content

Improve the product description of your flagship products or services you can offer relevant content that meets the user searches and also satisfy the search engines.

For this, you need to insert keywords and offer content that meets the needs of your target and the stage of buying journey in which they are located.

Customizing content based on your prospects is essential. For example, target your calls to action allows 42% conversion and more.

Optimize your content will generate an increase in conversions. The proof for one of our customers: we were in charge of rewriting its contents and therefore its requests for documentation about a product increased by 80%.

5. Put in confidence

To push for action your visitors, you need to reassure them and to be as credible as possible to them. For them to be confident, several solutions are possible: logos of your partners, your customers, your labels, secure payment, testimonials, FAQs; warranty “satisfied and repair.”

6. Highlight your promotions

Who likes to have gifts and you feel like a good deal? The answer is “everyone.” Therefore, to best meet, your prospects offer them a discount or so consideration: free trial offer guide, free shipping.

Your home page, your sales pages, and your thank you pages are ideal places to put your offers and so boost your conversion rate.

7. Submit to other products/services

When Internet users visited a page on your e-commerce site or added a product to their shopping cart, you can introduce them in other to generate new conversions.

Suggest that the upper range of products or services (this is called upselling) or offer them additional products (cross-selling). These two sales techniques can increase their average basket to increase your sales.

8. Humanize your site

Make your website more human is important to facilitate the conversion. To do this, enter your email and phone number. If possible, insert a click to chat this will allow your visitors to have permanent contact with your business.

9. Make Retargeting

A tip to improve your conversions is to redirect people who have visited your site and expose them your ads when they sail on Google or social networks. Re-marketing must be set in your Adwords account.

This web marketing technique has several advantages including the facilitation converting your visitor’s prospect or customer.

10. Make the marketing automation

Automate your marketing offers many benefits including that improve your conversions up to 160% more compared to your competitors. To learn more about marketing automation, read our article.

You can automate certain tasks such as email recovery following an abandoned cart or non-download an e-book.

11. Measure conversion results

An essential step is to monitor and analyze the results with a solution for web analysis like Google Analytics. This allows you to know where your users leave the sales tunnel. At each step of the funnel, you need to measure conversion rates.

Realize as a “heat map” or heat map to detect the most overflown areas and clicked on every page of your site.

12. Test any

Our final tip is to make A / B tests on your site. Whether your CTA, your sales pages, thank you pages. They should be tested. Perform several tests with colors, text, different locations to see their performance and see what elements encourage more users to take action.


You’ve arrived at the end of your reading! Now you know the 12 techniques to increase your conversion rate. Ready to put them into practice?

Of course, you may prefer to be accompanied by a professional for this. Our web marketing agency will be happy to help you improve your conversions.

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by Aaron
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    Optimizing the content is truly necessary for generating an increment in conversions. Confidence is really an important factor and it is really essential to maintain the confidence level for getting an improvement in conversions. Highlighting the promotions will helps a lot and will easily grab the customers attention. Humanizing the site and creating the marketing automation are also great ideas.

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