20 Freelance Business Ideas For Women In 2020

Freelancing business is becoming more viable and it is one of the fastest ways to begin earning money as a side hustle. Hiring the best freelancers are becoming not only acceptable but more appealing for businesses. It can permit you to have freedom over your schedule, work, location and helps in attaining a sustainable self-employed career. Hence, working for yourself and the rewards related to freelancing is amazing. Finding proper freelance business ideas is the major key factor in your success. Consequently, the exceptional freelance business ideas for you should fit your competencies and interests.

20 Freelance Business Ideas For Women In 2020

Freelance Business Ideas As An Emerging Trend In European Countries:

Freelance business ideas are booming and rapidly increasing in Europe. Half of the European population is not predicted to have a full-time job in 2020. Freelancers nowadays work in a couple of fields. The freelancing business gives a strong choice for autonomy at work. The European way of doing work has changed profoundly. Freelancers are the fastest-developing segment of the EU labor market, more than 11 million today. Furthermore, in Europe and other countries, freelancing is now considered as a career.

A wide majority of freelancers, 65.6% work by and large from home, 15% work mainly at their client’s place and 10% work more often at co-working spaces. According to Mombeing, some Freelancers have earned 200$ to 63000$ per month in less time. The external elements that have contributed to the rise of freelancers are globalization, technological developments, and explosive growth in emerging markets. Likewise, external factors have enabled freelancers to thrive. This has additionally given businesses smooth access to the flexible workforce.

Freelance Business Ideas For Women In 2020

According to Mombeing, below are the 20 best freelance business ideas for women to adopt in 2020.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the excellent freelance business ideas you could work on consistent with your personal schedule. Blogs can generate earnings from other options, such as advertising and affiliate products.

2. Teaching

A new freelance business idea is teaching, either full-time or part-time. Online teaching could be a good career to choose from if you’re a teacher with experience in a classroom setting.

3. Social media marketing

Social media experts help businesses to reach their goals by posting content that drives audience engagement. This freelance business idea helps companies know how to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. As the use of Social Media is getting increased, job opportunities in this field are also increasing.

4. Stock Photography

It is a freelance business idea that helps in taking photos and placing them on stock photo sites. When somebody purchases or download it from a site, you will get a royalty. Stock photo themes are diverse in nature.

5. Graphic design

Graphic design is a very in-demand freelance business idea. As every business needs to do Branding, so there is a profitable market for you if you have experience in Adobe Creative Suite like Illustrator, or Photoshop, etc.

6. Virtual Assistant

From a remote location, the virtual assistant provides web design, marketing, clerical work, and different services to businesses. As a popular freelance business idea, virtual assistants provide services to industries with different skillsets. Hence, a wide range of services come under this.

7. Editing

Editing is a freelance business idea, in which the freelancer tries to provide error-free and accurate work to clients. The earning you make will depend on the type of editing work that is copyediting, proofreading, etc.

8. SEO Services

This freelance business idea helps people find products or information on search engines like Google and Bing through Search Engine Optimization. The more traffic will be, the more business profit will be. Hence, if you can provide SEO Services, then changing figures of your bank account is for sure.

9. WordPress Consulting

This freelance business idea is a platform for websites and blogs. You can start your own blog to present your thoughts to a specific audience. As well as, this service caters to the needs of every business that has a website and operates online.

10. Affiliate Marketing

In this freelance business idea, when someone makes a purchase through a unique link provided by you, you can earn a commission through it.

11. Proofreader

It is different from editing as this freelance business idea helps to polish your writing. Content free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, etc. is ensured by a proofreader.

12. Bookkeeper

This freelance business idea helps in recording financial transactions hence, it is a good way to earn money.

13. Freelance writing

Freelance writers market themselves by writing for different clients. This freelance business idea is becoming an emerging trend because every industry needs copywriting to convey their messages to the customers.

14. Life Coach

This freelance business idea of a life coach helps to groom any individual personally and professionally. Hence, can help in achieving specific outcomes in life.

15. Transcribe

Transcribers type what they hear by listening to the audio file. This freelance business idea is based on pay and flexibility. That is why it is easy to handle for staying at home women.

16. Project Manager

The overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of any project depends on the project manager. Good communication is considered as the best tool in this freelance business idea.

17. Copywriter

A copywriter creates informative content for businesses and writes for the internet. Hence, a career with this freelance business idea is a cushy job.

18. YouTube channel

First look for the best niche in this freelance business idea and start your own channel. Get more subscribers and increase watch hours so that you can generate income by showing ads on your videos.

19. Meal Plan Service

Meal plan service freelance business idea is one where you send clients a plan based on your consultation online for nutrition and meals. As health is wealth, so everyone needs proper meals and diet to live healthily.

20. Makeup consulting

It is one of the most successful freelance business ideas available today. Makeup consultants help customers select the most suitable cosmetics according to their skin tone. This can be the top-earning idea because the target audience can be made very specific in this niche to get fast results.


According to your skills, experience, and consistency, starting freelance business ideas need some time. Here you can find the tips to start Freelancing Business. You can get good results in your startup if you stick with your business plan. So the only thing you need to do is, find out what suits you best and start the business with proper planning.

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