How To Get High Quality Backlinks in 2020 (7 Crazy Strategies)

Today we will talk about making quality backlinks in 2020. These strategies have helped me to boost my rankings and increase my quality backlink percentage.

But before that, what is your strategy to create backlinks, are you one of those bloggers, who develop backlinks for the sake of it? Then this post is going to help you all.

Every blogger should have a long term strategy and a few short term strategies. And link building should be there as a long term strategy for every blogger.

Let’s discuss the top 7 strategies. It will surely help you to build backlinks and stay legit. But, before we go ahead and create our next backlink and Rank One On Google Search Results, let’s understand why we should develop backlinks.

Why backlinks?

There has been much talking about links being a ranking component. Many SEOs have only focused on posts and On-Page SEO and neglected links saying: “We all know everything about link building.”But do they know what about backlinks? Google verified that Links are Important Google said relationships are the #1 ranking factor, alongside with excellent content. Position without links is hard, and why does anyone try to rank without the links in the very first sight? Google cares about relationships over anything else, so you should also do it.

Understand The Difference Between The No- Follow And The Do-Follow Links

Do you understand the difference between no-follow and do-follow links? Then read this post till the end. You know about to do- follow and no follow; then, I will still recommend you to read this post as there must have been something that you may not aware of or you’re ignoring.

Let me simplify the no follow and do follow once.

No-Follow Do-Follow
An External Link To Your Site From Other Site, But The Other Site Owner Is Not Assuring The Quality Of Your Site/Post. An External Link To Your Site From Other Site. Most Significant, The Site Owner Is Showing His Trust On Your Site/Post.


You must be thinking that you will only create Do-Follow backlinks from now. Please keep in mind that you have to maintain a ratio between No-Follow links and Do-Follow Links. Yes, backlinks help in SEO, but search engines do not consider over-optimization is the best practice.

1). Check Da Pa And Spam Score while creating backlinks

This is no brainer; you have to know with whom you are working and why you are working. This is why I work with trusted resources like Vishwajeet.

There are multiple resources that you can use to check da pa and spam scores, but I recommend Moz. Because it’s authentic and trustworthy. And Linkbuilding requires trust.

2). Blog Commenting

Are you looking for blog commenting sites for SEO? If yes, then this article is especially for you because I will let you know the insights about blog commenting.

As, Per Hubspot, the Blog Commenting is lawful but should be done in a fantastic method. (Example — Compose natural remark not replicate from anyplace. Do not write Amazing Article or Nice Post Each Time That It gives assembles a poor reputation)Nowadays, every site utilizes the Comment Moderation feature on the site to eliminate the terrible remark or adverse remark. So be cautious while commenting because your observation goes through admin acceptance.

Gravatar is essential before website commenting because if your comment doesn’t reveal your picture, then in maximum, your feedback is disapproved by Admin. So make Gravatar Profile before website commenting. If you say on any site website, then it is possible to see one box for adding your website URL. Therefore, if you set your website URL while commenting, then you are going to find a backlink (no-follow / do follow it is based upon the site), or you receive small visitors when anyone clicks on your name to the comment.

3). Guest Posts

Nowadays, I am composing guest posts like a madman — more than I have, in reality, in more than five months of regular blogging.  In addition to my commitment to frequently posting on my site, it is instead an investment of time.  Why bother? “Guest posting” means publishing and writing a post on somebody else’s website or website.  I provide this on my site (sometimes ) and get it done a little on other sites with viewers whom I would like to talk to.  It is a terrific way to contact new subscribers and get out of your name. I wish I have started it earlier.

Bloggers need great content. By being a fantastic guest blogger and adding value to somebody else’s site, you are likely to create connections with other bloggers. Bloggers compose a significant proportion of discussions occurring online, particularly on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They may be exceptionally influential. Making them great friends to have. By making friends with other bloggers via guest posting, you are likely to cultivate your sway in the domain of social networking, which will finally result in more blog readers. Guest posting is Fantastic for search engines. Only non-negotiable you need to need for guest-posting is that: The sponsor writer should have a hyperlink to your site in the article somewhere (generally at the start or end).

4). Web 2.0 sites

Forums are an excellent place to discover lots of niche associated questions and replies. There are lots of discussions where you can participate, answer inquiries, and supply a pertinent link to your site if needed. In reality, you can set your site details about the forum profile too. Apart from that, lots of the forums come with a touch feature where you could compose a touch with your sites as a connection with appropriate anchor text. I’m creating a record of these sites and will share them with you. You don’t have to find a do-follow backlink all the time. It is perfect for receiving a No-follow backlink, too, since this may balance the proportion of do-follow vs. no-follow backlinks.

5). Stay Away From The Spammy Backlinks

Spammy backlinks are not going to help at all. While Creating the backlinks, don’t go after the numbers, instead build a connection. It will increase quality backlinks. Stay away from the sites; those are promising multiple backlinks with low prices. Search engines like Google consider quality backlink as a positive signal.

6). Monitor Backlink Profile

We all know how to monitor backlinks, but do we do it religiously? I do not think so. Even I don’t do it regularly.

But I am planning to start doing it real soon. Your backlink profile tells a lot about your site health to the search engines to Google.

And to check the backlink profile of any site, I trust Ahrefs, here is a snapshot of their free backlink checker tool. The paid version will give you detailed access to the backlink profile of any sites.

backlink checker

7). Build Backlinks From The Broken Link

By far, this is the most time-consuming thing to create an authority backlink, and this is why most bloggers ignore this.


Does Bryan Dean know about it? Of-course. It all depends on the priorities; online goals keep changing for every blogger, and if you are a new blogger, then you should address those broken links.

You can also spy on other websites and if they are linking to any outbound source, which is no longer valid. Then you can do outreach to them if you have a similar content or infographics.

Final Words

Before you go and create your strategies for link building, do let us know in the comments about the first thing that you will apply from this post. It will motivate us to create more and more contents like this — all the best for the next backlink. Cheers!

by Chayan Chakrabarti
A professional Digital Marketer and Blogger. I blog about Digital Marketing and also publish interviews of famous bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media experts. Simplefactsonline is an online initiative to scale up your online learning and business.

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