What 1 Blog Commenting Tip Often Goes Ignored?

You know I love me some good blog commenting.

Add value. Make friends. Grow business. Increase traffic. We know the benefits. Vishwajeet embodies generous, genuine blog commenting beautifully. He reaps rewards too, consistent with his generosity.

Blog Commenting Tip

But for an odd reason, sometimes folks do not mention a core tip critical to blog commenting success. Folks ignore the tip, proclaim commenting does not work, and move on, ignoring this underutilized technique for making friends and growing business.

What is the ignored tip?

Be persistent.

Blog Commenting Persistence

Vishwajeet grew on me. I genuinely appreciated his generous comments because he showed up and commented again, and again, and again. I always appreciate a single genuine comment. But reading 2, 10 and 20 genuine comments from a single blogger triggers something in me. Call it love. I have a genuine, peaceful, loving friendship-feeling triggered in me for bloggers who persistently comment on my blog. Ya know what I mean? That,”Oh, how nice!”, feeling you experience after someone comments on your blog. Then, someone comments again, triggering the nice feeling. After 5 comments, the friendship reaches greater depth.

This greater depth of friendship – occurring because a blogger persistently comments on blogs – tends to open blogging doors, because as both bloggers work to improve their skills, joint partnerships arise. Vishwajeet and I began promoting each other, via blog and social media. He invited me to guest post on his blog. I took him up on the opportunity.

In my eBook: How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

I share practical tips for leaving a powerful impact through blog commenting. Do you know what really grabs a blogger’s attention span? Persistence. Being a generous and persistent commentor shows the love like few other practices because if you are persistent and giving, you stand out from a largely non-persistent, self-centered crowd. Like, most bloggers publish one comment on a blog and never show up again. Why? In some cases, the blogger commented not to make friends but to get a bunch of traffic, profits, or to get mentioned by the fellow blogger. If no traffic, profits or mentions are borne of the comment, the non-genuine, non-persistent blogger disappears.

Meanwhile, genuine, generous bloggers like Vishwajeet comment again and again, his persistence solidifying our friendship. Jan Verhoeff does this too. She keeps commenting, being genuine, showing up, persisting like clockwork. Ditto for Moss Clement and Nikola Rosa. Why do you think I mention these dear blogging buddies? Persistent commenting wins again! Each pro comes to mind because persistently generous bloggers stick out in mind.

Be Persistently Social

After reading a blog post, remind yourself to be persistently social. Comment. Open your mouth.  By no means are all comments 4-5 sentences or longer, but I wrote and published 12,418 comments on Disqus alone over the years. I have been persistently social, so naturally, I have commented persistently. Commenting persistently helped me make many blogging buddies which amplifies my success.  Vishwajeet, Jan, Moss and Nikola tirelessly promote my blog posts. Good people! But persistent blog commenting and cross-promotion opened the door to all of this goodness.

View each genuine comment as a brick, forming a foundation for your blog. The more bricks, the stronger your foundation. The more you focus on commenting persistently on a handful of blogs, the more friends you make. Connected bloggers have a loyal army of blogging buddies who promote them, endorse them, hire them and buy their stuff. Persistent blog commenting helped make it happen.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “What 1 Blog Commenting Tip Often Goes Ignored?”

  1. Thanks for the mention Ryan.
    I comment regularly because of two simple reasons:
    I want to connect with my fellow bloggers across the globe; and I want to improve my writing skill, as I deem being able to write well an extremely valuable skill to have.
    And I want it!
    Thanks again, Ryan:)

  2. Blog commenting is a sure strategy that definitely increases our exposure and helps in developing a friendly relationship with fellow bloggers & influencers.

    Furthermore, it is one way of showing love and appreciation, like giving & take. But, often “consistency” gets ignored.

    Loved it, Ryan & Vishwajeet.

  3. It is right, Ryan and Vishwajeet
    I saw many bloggers having success because of persistent blog commenting.
    Sometimes I think blog commenting is better for success than being on page one of google. It does add value to a blog and connects. Also, it makes feel appreciated for the work and it helps to get ideas for new posts.
    Thank you both

  4. Blog commenting is one of the fantastic way to grow and connect with new folks. Yeah, I have tasted the sweetness of it, made a lot of friends in the blogosphere, and continue to do it.

    And Ryan as you have said the only for blog commenting is to leave a genuine comments on the blog. Appreciate the effort they put in doing a lot of research to form an article. Leave your point on view too. Be honest!

    This is something which I have learnt from you. Thanks Ryan!

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