1 Concept to Master for Budget Bloggers

The less money you spend blogging the more time and energy you spend blogging.

Per minimum, buy your domain and hosting. This is a must. Beyond that, you can shoestring it, spending no money. I suggest buying a premium theme. But I get we all have different preferences and different investments to make.

Budget Bloggers

One concept to master: the less money you spend on blogging the more time and energy you spend on blogging. But this escapes most budget bloggers who want something for nothing. This concept seems silly to the crowd. Why spend time and energy building something through effort? If you can begin blogging for 5 bucks a month and for a 14 dollar domain name, surely it must be easy, right? Start cheap. Be cheap. Be stingy with your time and talents Easy money is yours, you bet. You taste it. How easy to begin. Easier and easier blogging, with less effort, and easy money. Right?


Blogging requires a significant time and energy investment to do it right. If you have no money to spare on expensive advertising campaigns, you better bust your tail with guest posting and building your blogger friend network.

I wrote an eBook sharing how you can make money online when broke. Is this possible? Heck yeah. But most folks on a tight budget err. Most folks believe since blogging requires little money to start, it also requires little effort. Nothing can be further from the truth. Spending minimal money means 4 to 6 to 12 hours daily:

  • learning blogging
  • creating content
  • building connections

Blogging is fun, freeing and an inspired way to live your dreams. In the same breath, I never committed as much time and energy to any venture in life. The less you spend money the more time you spend to become a dazzling, skilled, prolific and connected blogging master. I paid little for advertising over my 10 year career. I paid 40,000 hours in terms of posting, guest posting, genuine blog commenting, podcasting and live video broadcasting. Imagine that; 40,000 hours of blogging effort to get the job done. I paid a few bucks for paid advertising so I had to pay A LOT in terms of guest posting, publishing posts, connecting with bloggers and podcasting, as well as live broadcasting.

Spend Time and Energy

We’re talking 4, to 6 to 10 hours of generous service daily, guys. Maybe you pay $5 a month to blog. Cool. Now you really need to pay up to get the skills and exposure to build a profitable venture. Does this seem easy? Nope. I sometimes feel uncomfortable as can be near the end of a busy day but I keep going. No sense doing anything else because the more I give, the more I get. Simple equation.

Do not fall into lazy, poverty conscious thought patterns. Maybe you spend a few bucks to get started blogging, but now you need to work like a millionaire before you earn a penny. Such is the way of blogging. Work like a boss for free, to position yourself to become a highly successful blogger. Since you have no money to spend on high end advertising campaigns or expensive joint ventures, you better roll up your blogging sleeves and get serious about putting in the time.

Trust me; putting in the time, energy and service leads to freeing, long term success.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

1 thought on “1 Concept to Master for Budget Bloggers”

  1. Great say, Ryan!

    Putting efforts in terms of producing content, making connections and learning are key factors to grow.

    Since I cannot blog full-time, I invest my 3-4 hours of daily time in blogging. I’d better start spending more quality time in blogging.

    As you mentioned, In the end, each and every effort is worth it.

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