How Social Media is Beneficial or Harmful to Us

Everything in the world has some good and bad qualities. Whether we talk about humans or technology, all have good and bad sides. If we look at technology, social media is the greatest invention of humans for the humans. A decade before social media was like a toddler. But now it’s 2019, and social media is like a grown up child who is still growing because technology is bringing frequent changes in everything so nothing has its ending point so we are not 100 percent sure about anything because it can be change at any time. Social media got frequent changes but still these changes are not permanent because of frequent technological advancements.

Social Media

In simple words if define social media, it’s a medium and social platform where people are socially connected. Social media has become the most important part of this world. People use social media for personal and business purpose. Everyone is able to use social media, no matter how old are you or who are you. In the beginning social media was just considered to be a communication medium, but now it is much more than before.

As I have mentioned in the beginning that each and everything has its pros and cons. No matter how beautiful it is, but if the thing is getting over from its average point so that means it is going to lose its importance very soon. Same is with social media; because of highly acceptance in the society it also has some good and bad sides.

The following advantages and disadvantages will tell you how social media has changed us:

The Pros of Social Media:

  • Always connected with the world

The main purpose of this platform is to stay connected with the world. Now internet and WiFi is available everywhere so we can say that now we are 24/7 connected with the world. This is the biggest advantage for us to stay connected with anyone we want, there are thousands of people who live far away from their families, some of them are studying abroad and some of them are doing jobs. A decade before it was not easy stay connected with families because internet was very expensive so everyone was not able to afford this. But now internet has become cheaper so the people are using social media without any restriction. The other advantage of social media is that students are able to use this informally for the academic purpose, they are not just limited to the schools and colleges. Although Twitter, Facebook, Pintertest and LinkedIn are probably the most well-known social sites, and the new social websites are regularly popping up to let people interact and connect over the web.

  • Sharing Information

This is the second biggest advantage of social media is to share or exchange your knowledge. You can discuss your projects and problems related to your work and find the solution. There are many social networking sites that have these features, where people make their profiles, and get registered themselves and exchange their knowledge with others. Teachers are also using social media in a very effective way; they are delivering lectures and discussing main points with their students with the help of social media.

  • Marketing and Promotional tool

Now social media has become the most effective and powerful tool for the business world. We can say that, now each and every brand or company has strong presence on social media and this is helping them to establish their names in the market. Social media is considering a very important tool for marketing where people are promoting their brands through advertising and social media marketing. This is the biggest platform where people can reach to thousands of people and communicate their message.

The Cons of Social Media

  • Wastage of Time

Although social media has thousands of benefits but on the other hand it has many disadvantages and the biggest disadvantage is that it is the most distracting thing. Almost everyone has Smartphone and internet connection, it is not difficult for anyone to access on social media. It happens to everyone that when we are trying to concentrate on something and then our mobile phone rings and we get a message or call through social media.

  • Risk of Fraud

May be you would not like it but it is the truth that whatever the information and stuff you post on internet is available to everyone who are clever enough to access it. There are so many privacy concerns with social media. Social media can become a nightmare of your life if you don’t take this concern seriously. It can cost you dearly, if they steal your identity successfully.

  • Crimes and Cyber bullying against Children

Social media has the other biggest and dangerous disadvantage is it can become a worst nightmare of your children’s life. People are able to harass your child and can bring a bad impact in their lives.


These advantages and disadvantages can change your life, but it depends on you that how use social media in your life. It can help you in different situation and it can put you in many worst situations. So use it smartly and wisely, it will never become your nightmare and help you to solve your problems.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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