Pro Blogging Tip: Ground Yourself for Stat Swings

I have experienced a wide range of stat swings over a decade online. As a new blogger, 0 people visited my blog. 3 people visited my blog a few weeks into my blogging career. I reached a much higher number deeper into my career. Traffic is one thing. My blogging income seemed more tumultuous.

Profits swung like a pendulum. Zero. More than zero. I pay little attention to stats but note metrics here and there. Focus on that key word: “note”.

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Being grounded, relaxed and calm helps you note numbers in passing, casual fashion. Versus flipping out over numbers on a screen, I observe the numbers and proceed. Noting numbers detaches you from stats. Metrics never seemed important to me because I blogged to circle the globe.

I blogged to be free and to free my readers. Blogging for freedom has nothing to do with numbers. Blogging for freedom positions you to live a life of freedom. But if you err in picking numbers-stats-metrics as your driver, you likely make the common mistake of riding stats like a roller coaster.

Imagine driving 40 people to your blog today. Feels good. Imagine driving 150 people to your blog tomorrow. Awesome! Picture if the following day, you see 15 people visit your blog. Ouch. Feels bad. Let’s revisit the feelings-mood-emotional swings:

  • Feel OK-good.
  • Feel amazing.
  • And feel terrible.

One day, you blog kinda generously because you feel good. The next day, you blog super generously because you feel amazing. The next day, you blog stingily, holding back, because you feel terrible.

How do you plan to succeed long term if your emotions and blogging actions swing wildly from day to day? Successful blogging depends on being generous, patient, persistent, trusting, poised, calm and confident every single day for years. Being this person for years means grounding yourself so you do not become emotionally involved with numbers on a screen.

Eventually, you genuinely won’t care about numbers on a screen. The work becomes the reward. Everything else feels like an extra or bonus.

Develop this state of mind to not even notice swings because stats mean little at that point. But it takes a bit before most bloggers adopt this mindset. Getting lost in the process is an art form, a skill, one needs to develop over a sustained period of time.

This is why I teach bloggers to blog their passion more than anything else. Falling in love with the process makes the money and traffic feel like extras, bonuses, or icing on the cake.

Who cares about numbers rising and falling if you are process-focused because you love what you do? Who cares about outcomes if you are not outcomes-focused? Everything depends on your core blogging intent. Fall in love with the process to care less and less about numbers on a screen. I love blogging. What else do I need?

Of course, since where your energy goes, grows, focusing on having fun working the process allows your joy for the process to grow. The outcomes-obsession slowly but surely dissolves when you become process-focused.


I wanted to add a fun video of me shooting hoops and relating my favorite sport to blogging. I filmed this one a while back. Note the longer hair and different look. But I can still ball these days; don’t you worry. Enjoy it here:

Shooting Hoops and Blogging


Do you want to think like a successful blogger? Thinking, feeling and acting like a pro ensures you remain firmly grounded, never getting shaken out by statistics fluctuating up and down.

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