Why a Blogger Should Invest in Blogging?

Why a Blogger should invest in Blogging? This is a common question asked many times in blogging world. When it comes to investment most of the people just think about spending money on some things that help them in their business or earning.

Why a Blogger Should Invest in Blogging

But investment is a big term. When I say invest in your business that means I am telling you to invest not just money but your time also.

It is a dilemma that free things can bring you fortune.

This is why rich people are getting rich everyday because they do invest.

If you want to become a professional blogger who is not just earning good money but also getting popular day by day then you should invest wisely and follow what I say here.

1) Invest on Domain Name:

Domain name is one of the most important factors that help your blogging business go hero from zero.

Still there are people who chose free domain names thinking that they are saving money, but in reality they are screwing their chances to become a brand.

When you work with a free domain name such as thisismysite.blogspot.com or thisismysite.wordpress.com that means you are actually working for WordPress and Blogspot. You are spreading their brand name.

You can also check the clear difference between the earning of a blogger with free domain and blogger with custom domain.

I always recommend bloggers to invest on domain name and choose a domain name which not just represent your business but also help you to become a brand.

You need not to worry too much as most of the time you will find a domain name under $15. This little investment will help your blogging business to grow quickly. You can use any third party blog name generators to quickly find a blog name for you.

2) Invest on Web Hosting:

There are people who think that using a free web hosting help you save time and money.

But reality is that it may help you save money, but it never helps you save time.

I have also started many blogs on free web hosting and find out that it took a lot effort to do SEO and there are so many challenges.

The worst thing about free hosting is that you can never have complete control on your content and anytime hosting site can delete what you have created also there is no way to back up your hardwork.

I recommend you to invest on web hosting and choose a web hosting service wisely.

You can easily choose web hosting to run your WordPress blog from various web hosting services.

Most of the time you will get a reliable web hosting between $30-$200 according to the traffic your blog is getting and benefits you need. I recommend to Buy hosting from Siteground for best service and excellent customer support service.

The best thing about investing in Web Hosting is that you will have complete control on the content; you can alter and change your content anytime. You can easily take backup and move from one web hosting to other.

3) Invest on Email Services:

Every blogger recommend you to start building email list on your blog from day one.

Your email subscribers are your loyal readers who will get all the updates and keep visiting your blog again and again.

Number of email subscribers also tells the popularity of a website or blog.

It is always good to invest on email services such as Aweber, mailchimp, Getresponse etc.

Most of the times you can start email list building by investing $10-$200/month.

There are so many benefits of investing in email service. First you can set autoresponder for your readers, second your readers will get updates, and third you can also run special email campaigns and more.

4) Invest on Blog Theme:

This is where most of the blogger falls for free word.

There is no doubt that you can easily find thousands of free themes according to your niche, but do you know why they are free?

Free themes do not offer any support and updates and most of the time filled with malicious codes that can very easily harm your blog ranking and transfer link juice to other sites.

Investing of a Premium WordPress theme is always a wise decision.

Mostly I recommend you to use Mythemeshop or divi themes but you can also choose according to your own niche.

The reason why I invest on premium WordPress theme is that they offer complete support, easily customizable, offer timely updates and free from any harmful coding.

Over to you

These 4 are the most important factors where you should invest if you want to run a successful blog. Remember blogging is there to help you to grow but only if you take it seriously.

I always say invest wisely and grow your blogging business as real-time internet entrepreneurs.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

4 thoughts on “Why a Blogger Should Invest in Blogging?”

  1. Amen brother. People have a tough time believing blogging is a business. No debate though; like all businesses you need to invest money in it, to make it go. Pay up to play up.

  2. Hi Viswajeet,

    I love the way Ryan started his comment with the ” Amen Brother” thing. It shows his agreement with your content copy. However, although the above mentioned in your article are vital areas to invest as a blogger, I believe one should also put some money into how to improve his blogging business by investing in courses that will help him or her cut the learning curve.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Moss,

      Exactly, Blogging courses from pro bloggers are very important as it helps newbies to understand the blogging concept and help implement proper strategies that leads to a successful blog. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Vishwajeet Kumar

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