Ultimate Guide for Email marketing to Success your Ecommerce Business

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to subscribers using email. It is an important component of running all types of web-based businesses, especially the E-commerce business. In the E-commerce landscape, Email marketing helps entrepreneurs to increase their customer base, get in touch with them in an easy way, promote their products and services, and get a fair amount of business opportunities easily.

email marketing

However, many retailers launch their email marketing campaigns inappropriately, which alienates their customer base instead of giving them a positive response from the targeted customers. So, how can they run Email marketing campaigns successfully to boost their E-commerce business? Consider some simple rules mentioned here below-

1. Seek Permission

Generally, it happens that when you use your Email Id for online shopping, E-commerce website operators start filling your inbox with promotional newsletters with an intention to seek more business from your side. This may be a usual marketing practice for them, but many buyers may feel cheated and they start avoiding such unapproved newsletters.

As a serious E-retailer, you must avoid this tricky practice. Let shoppers sign-up for your newsletters voluntarily. Design your E-commerce website in such a way that whenever buyers browse the website or buy products, a popup must appear seeking their permission for the delivery of newsletters. When buyers subscribe to your newsletters with their own will, you get a positive response from them.

If you run a Magento E-commerce site, you can use email marketing campaigns to create an appealing sign up form and grow your subscribers list easily.

2. Create A Separate Calendar For Email Marketing

Email marketing will help you grow your E-commerce business only when you maintain consistency in it. Even a little gap or disturbance in the delivery of newsletters to your subscribers can create a huge negative impact on the volume of business you generate.

Therefore, have a look at the subscriber base, content need, available resources, and create a separate calendar for your Email marketing campaigns. It will help you to run profitable E-mail marketing campaigns easily and quickly.

3. Make Sure Your Newsletters Are Not Spam

There is no benefit of running Email marketing campaigns if your newsletters are hitting the SPAM box of your subscribers. Most of the people are afraid of SPAM Emails and they usually don’t open them. As a result, all of your efforts to make your Email marketing successful go in vain.

There are many reasons why your newsletters are being email marketing campaigns. You can take some steps to stop this unpleasant happening from taking place-

  • Keep the newsletter content simple, precise and straightforward. Use a well-designed template for newsletters. Use only relevant images in newsletter content,
  • Make sure that your email marketing campaigns,
  • Follow the email marketing campaigns strictly,
  • Attach a unsubscribe link in all the Emails that you send to your subscribers. It’s mandatory by the law,
  • Don’t use personal Email IDs for Email marketing campaigns. Choose a good-quality email marketing campaigns for this purpose,
  • Test all newsletters for SPAM before sending them to your subscribers. Make the required changes in newsletters if any.

4. Personalize Newsletters

Newsletter personalization is a process of creating and sending personalized newsletters to subscribers. Effective personalization can increase the success of your E-mail marketing campaigns up to a great extent and help you to increase the number of clicks on your E-commerce site, leads, conversion and customer satisfaction easily.

Therefore, before sending newsletters to your subscribers, segment your subscriber list into the group of shoppers with similar traits, purchase histories, interests, geographical locations, etc and get amazing results with your Email marketing campaigns.

5. Curb The Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem for most of the e-retailers. It affects the overall sale of E-commerce websites and challenges their existence if it is not fixed as soon as possible.

There are many reasons why shoppers abandon their shopping carts, such as the high cost of the products, UX/UI problems of E-commerce websites, security concerns, high shipping cost, etc. Although, there are many ways to tackle this problem among which Email marketing is the prominent one. Let’s understood with an example- Suppose you run a Magento site which has the high shopping cart abandonment rate. You can send automated newsletters to shoppers and can urge them to complete their transaction as soon as possible.

6. Make Newsletters Responsive

For the success of your E-mail marketing campaigns, it is very important that your newsletters are responsive to mobile devices as a large number of people use mobile devices to read Emails. Shoppers can easily read out responsive newsletters on their mobile devices and respond if they are convinced.

7. Review And Improve

No matter how well you are running your E-mail marketing campaigns, there are always some areas where you need to work to improve the outcome of your Email marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should install Google Analytics on your site and review how well your newsletters are performing. Based on the output, make the necessary improvements to grow your leads and E-commerce business rapidly.

Takeaway Idea

E-mail marketing is an easy way to create new business opportunities and boost your E-commerce business. Just implement the above-mentioned tips and make your E-mail marketing successful.