3 Tips to Get Through Being a Bummed Out Blogger

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No blogger avoids disappointment.

I rarely thought of quitting during my 10 years online but did want to toss in the towel a few times.


Humans fear, doubt and worry, sometimes.

Top bloggers take disappointments in stride and move forward. Everybody else gets caught up in temporary setbacks, obstacles or roadblocks, delaying their success, clinging to and bathing in disappointment. Not good guys, not good. You move on from disappoint to succeed and you cling to disappoint to struggle and fail. 100% of the time, it is your choice to grow through setbacks or to fight these obstacles.

Enjoy your blogging journey. Experience great success. Stop being bummed out for minutes, hours or days if you slam into blogging resistance.

Follow these tips to get through being a bummed out blogger.

1: See the Disappointment Being Temporary

I feel a tiny bit bummed now. Overall, I feel really good. Inspiration flows through me. I would enjoy writing 10 blog posts today between guest posts and posts for my blog. But my neck suffers from intense soreness. I even feel a little dizzy. Sure my mind feels awesome but my body does not agree with my mind, in the moment.

I know my neck stiffness feels temporary. After a short nap, yoga, and meditation, my stiffness dissolves and I return to writing. Cool. Nothing to worry about.

All blogging bum outs, disappointments and stressors serve you because each plays a short role in your life, to teach you something. Emphasize short, or temporary, or transitory. Everything changes. Life is change. This too, shall passion, as the ancient wisdom states.

2: The Bum Out Has a Profitable Lesson Built In

Turns out, each blogging disappointment bumming me out had a clear cut, profitable lesson built in. I noted this in the prior tip.

Imagine if you ran around all day like mad helping people. You partly enjoyed the process but secretly believed how you only deserved money if you slaved for money. Years later, you made less than $100 through your blog.

Most bloggers would be highly disappointed with such results. Some quit. Others struggle for a decade. Or longer.

Immense blogging profits can be mined from the bum out. Observe how happy, wealthy bloggers generously help people but confidently know success is theirs. Amid the disappointment, you learn your lesson; you need to believe in yourself and know success is yours because no matter how many people you help, you cannot make money blogging if you do not feel deserving of money, or, if you do not believe in yourself.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Putting the lesson into action, feeling deserving of wealth and believing in myself boosted my blogging profits.

3: Disappointments Purge Fears

Have you ever felt incredibly deflated during your blogging career?

I bet you that after feeling terrible, you slowly felt better. Why? You purged deep fears with the crippling disappointment.

I recall feeling hopeless a few times during my blogging career. After feeling horrible, I purged fears feeding my hopelessness. Guess what? As I faced blogging obstacles, in the future, I felt more calm, confident and poised about my exploits.

Disappointment dredges out fears holding you back. Happy, successful bloggers blog from a relatively fear-free energy because pros faced, felt and released many deep fears as their disappointments arose, again and again.

Emitting a loving, abundant, fearless vibe makes you shine bright in your blogging niche. Shining bright leads to increased traffic, profits, interview requests and features. I know of 3 bloggers today who contacted me to alert me about a Ryan Biddulph feature on their blogs. I guarantee you that feeling deep disappointments and purging deeper fears led to me being the person who scored sweet features on respected blogs.

Feel the fear in disappointment. Even if it feels terrible you liberate yourself of deep fears and develop an abundant, whole and complete, generous vibe promoting your blogging success.

Guys; if you believe I am a natural on live video, through my writing or as an interview guest, understand how I felt and released deep fears related to self-consciousness, deserving and criticism. I recall doing a live interview for the Ed Tyll radio station in the United States with 60 affiliate stations across the country. That’s a lotta people! I never could have been relaxed, calm, confident and assured speaking live in front of a huge audience if I was burdened by deep fears. Being disappointed and flat out bummed from time to time unearthed these fears so I could face, feel and release the energies.

Look Deep

Look deep into disappointment.

You will find stunning success by analyzing your bummed out vibe.

Every alleged setback pulls you forward.

Believe that!

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

3 thoughts on “3 Tips to Get Through Being a Bummed Out Blogger”

  1. Great, encouraging post Ryan,
    truly we all face fears and setbacks. But some despair and whine, while others push through. Through different life’s circumstances, they’ve learned to push through the fear, which is great news because the skill is learnable and there is hope:)
    And you learn by doing…

    • Nikola great insight brother. Nudging through, learning and becoming more fearless makes you so super successful. Thanks!

  2. Hello Ryan!
    Really very Inspiring and helpful.

    According to me, fear in humans is more when it is taking its own decision for the first time and it can change his life (well or badly). I am also in this situation because I have yet to decide what to do in life, Blogging or not Blogging?

    “Victory is over fear”.

    Vishal Meena


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