How To Set Up A Free Personal Website The Easy Way

With so many online tools today, you do not have to go to different websites to acquire a domain, website hosting, website template, and other business features or consoles. You also do not need to learn how to do coding or programming in order to set up and build a website. Using a website builder, you can get all the things you need in building a personal website in an easy manner. Best of all, websites created with website builders have the option to be completely free. How? Just read the article to learn how to set up a free personal website the easy way today!

How To Set Up A Free Personal Website The Easy Way

What is a website builder

A website builder is an online tool that makes it easier for you to have a website of your own. You do not need to have any technical or coding skills in order to get started at all. Usually, website builders have building blocks that allow you to easily input the content that you need on your website all by yourself. You can forget about hiring an expensive website developer for maintenance of your website, your site can be self-managed.

With a site builder, you can have all the benefits of having a professional website. There is a free package where you can get the basic features that come with a website or you can purchase a monthly subscription fee at an affordable price and get all premium website features.

However, the easiest option when you are just starting out is to try out the version of a free website builder. That way, you can see if a website builder is truly right for you and if you finally get the hang of website building, you can eventually upgrade your website.

Benefits of creating your own website

The main benefit in creating your own website is that you have full control and accountability when it comes to content creation, maintenance, and your website’s personal files and info. With a website developer, you need to have your website checked with them whenever there’s a glitch or whenever you need to add anything. Moreover, website developers charge high prices for the creation and regular maintenance but with a site builder, you can do everything by yourself.

This is what makes website builders a go-to tool for beginners, amateurs, individuals, and small business owners when it comes to setting up a website.

How to set up a free personal website

Setting up a free personal website is very easy and it can be done in a few simple steps.

To create a free personal website, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account such as the website builder.

Once you have finally signed up and verified your account, you will automatically get a free website package and you will be prompted to type in a domain name. Your domain name is what you want your website address to be found online.

After typing down your chosen domain name, you can now choose a template to go with your website. Most website builders have hundreds of website designs readily available for your choosing. Just type a keyword related to how your site design to be or choose from the website template catalog and you will easily be presented with site templates. You can be sure to find one that is suitable to your liking. 

Now that you have the basics of the site set-up, all that’s missing is your website content. To fill that in, ready the photos, videos, and files you want to be seen on your website. You have the option to also do this later. In order to do that, you will see that on the hPage website builder, there is a ‘Files’ menu. Just click on the ‘Files’ tab on the menu and upload the files you want to put up on your site.

In setting up web pages for your content, go to the ‘Pages’ and create a web page. They have an easy to use page editor where you can just type your content down in rich text and put up image or video attachments on the editor. Think of it like Microsoft Word but better. When you submit by clicking the ‘Publish’ button, your written content on the Page Editor will become materialized as a web page.


And there you have it! Just a few easy steps are acquiring a personal website the easy way! Try out a website builder today for easy website set-up.

by Aaron
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  1. Great tips Vishwajeet.
    Truly, a free website is better than no website. But I also thing that free websites are hobby websites, and if you want to go pro, you should invest in self-hosted WP.

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    A very great and detailed article for people who are thinking of starting a blog and are completely new. This way they can learn how to set-up a free website for their work/blog and get a good practice of how things work around.

    This way they will not have to invest much, well all they to have invest is time in getting a good grasp on blogging.

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