Benefits of Smart Home: How To Turn your Normal Home Into A Smart One

There is a famous proverb – You should always act, respond as per the changes in society. In the Hindi  language – you can call it “Kalaya Tasmai Namaha.” In recent times, technology innovations are happening every hour. Have you ever noticed? There was a time when your farmer ancestors used to do manual tasks. For example, drawing water from the wells for the crops. Then, the automatic wheel came and your ancestors concentrated on some other tasks. The same situation happened with the Indian womenfolk. They used to wash clothes in the river and lakes. But down the line, the washing machine was invented. Now, even in the Indian villages, you can hardly find a woman who washed clothes in the river. So, the electronic home appliances have given a big break to the daily Indian women. And now, technology is even more advanced. Smart home appliances have come to existence. In this article, let us discuss the benefits of smart home and how to turn your home into a smart one.

Benefits of Smart Home

Benefits of Smart Home

Imagine, you are going on a vacation. Hardly one km into the journey, your wife remembers that she forgot to switch off the lights in the living room. And, you are going for a three-day trip. Now, you have to turn around and make the trip again. Imagine, what would have happened if it was a smart home? You would have logged in your app, and gave a command to the switch or the bulbs to get switched off. No, no, please do not think that the above sentences are taken from a James Bond film. It is true. The facts. This is one of the many benefits of smart home.

Clap your hands and turn on the light. Voice command the AC to change the room temperature. Automatic opening of the window sheets in the morning with a nice good morning tone. All these acts are very few facilities you can have in a smart home.

Did the above example strike a brain wave? Yes, you are a person who keeps himself updated. You must have thought about driverless cars. And you are right on the target. The smart home appliances, although working on the internet, have a bit of Artificial Intelligence in-built in them to prevent manual tasks.

Let us look into the other benefits of smart home before starting on the other topic  – Turn Your Home InTo A Smart One. Shall we?

Consumption of Less Energy

 Consumption of Less Energy

Every manufacturer of home appliances always strives to introduce the best features in the new version of their brand. When it comes to any smart home appliances, they have been designed in a special way to save natural resources and your money. For example, you have installed the smart LED bulbs in your home. You can manage them with the help of the smartphone. And these smart bulbs and switches have sensors. They can detect human activity in the room and act accordingly.  So, when you switch inside the room, the lights get activated. When nobody is present inside the room, the lights go off. Do you understand how energy and money can get saved?

Preventing Manual Tasks

Preventing Manual Tasks

You are a bachelor and stay in Bangalore. After a hard-working day at the multinational company, you come to your apartment tired. You have an Alexa device, and give a command to play Rock Music. The mood gets better.

How Do You Turn Your Home Into A Smart One?

turn your home to a smart house

The changes can come in three steps.

Step 1-

Before deciding to turn your home into a smart one, always have a plan and make a budget. Never start the job in a hurry.

A proper plan will allow you to have proper integration of your appliances. The space of the home is also important. Do you live in a two-floor house? Have you installed the server connecting all appliances on the second floor? Then, there may be chances that the electronic items on the first floor may not work. And having a budget will restrict you to buy unnecessary modifications and help save money. After checking the plan and budget, select the type of home automation you want, semi or full.

Step 2-

Choose the method you are going to proceed in installing the smart home devices. Here it is important to select if you want to contact any agency for the job. Or if the company you are buying the appliances has tied up with a home renovation company. It’s preferred that you get an expert professional to plan out this home transformation. This will help you to get the best integration plan for your home.

Step 3-

Here you need to select the appliances required for your home. Invest in a reputed brand. The reason, any problem and the after-sales service will be good.

So, let’s talk about the three most needed and used home appliances of all time. They are a refrigerator, washing machine, and TV. Now you will see the 3 smart devices and its advantages.

A. Smart Washing Machines

Can your washing machine be controlled by a smartphone? Yes. Shocking, right? But it’s true. There is an app that you need to install. The device app and the washing machine will be connected with the internet. Fill the machine with detergents and after you drop the clothes, it will do the rest. It also has voice command technology allowing you to supervise

the appliance without even touching it.  You can start the wash cycle anytime you want. If you are in a hurry and have gone somewhere, you can track the wash cycle from anyplace. At the right time, you can send a text to the appliance to stop the process. The smart washing machine consumes less power and makes a lower noise.


  • Samsung WW65M206LOW/TL fully automatic washing machine.
  • LG P9037R3SM  semi-automatic washing machine.

B. Smart Refrigerator-

Smart refrigerators are the most happily accepted high-tech home appliance in today’s date.  Do you want to get information on the food items stored on the shelves of the fridge? You can get the information in your smartphone as your refrigerator is connected with the internet. Some smart refrigerators also keep a record of the expiry date of the items and the quantity used. Do you want to know the items present inside the fridge? Look at the display attached with the refrigerator and you will get it.

A smart refrigerator can also give information on the recipes. Some refrigerators are fitted with TV display on their front door. You can watch movies, listen to music and it is also possible to control other electronic items in your home. Now, you find the smart TV model interesting, isn’t it?

  • Kenmore 4675043 smart refrigerator
  • GE profile PFE28PBLTS smart refrigerator

C. Smart Television

The smart TV’s are a lot different than the normal televisions. The reason behind calling it smart is because of internet connectivity. As you know, there are smart speakers like ALEXA and Google Assistant. The smart TV also integrates with these devices. Now you can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more exciting shows with ease.

A smart TV can access Wi-fi which a normal television cannot. It has provided more online services to its customers.

Here are some devices you can try

  • Samsung (65 inches) Series 7 4K UA65NU7470U Smart TV
  • LG (32 inches) 32LH604T Smart TV.

There are many other smart home devices & technologies which you can use at your home –

Smart light, smart thermostat, smart security, smart door locks, etc.


A. Smart Toilets-

Japanese has introduced a technology for homes called as smart toilets. After you finish your job at the toilet, the machine will do a urine analysis. Then it will report on whether the person is having diabetes or at risk. It can also tell a woman’s pregnancy. The toilets have some different analyzing tools which can give these reports. And those reports are accurate without any doubt, according to doctors.

Also, these smart technologies have features like a heated seat, automated flushing systems, and deodorizers. The smart toilet consists of a display screen that allows you to play audio and videos.

Well, you can listen to awesome music and get fresh.

B. Power Tracking

This is a technology that can alert you before a breakdown. Power tracking technology will give information on the device that is facing a problem. You may get a reminder on your smartphone. For example, if the AC needs its air filter to get changed, then you will get a notification. And also if any device is consuming more power than its actual needs, you will know. This is a technology that will help you to be proactive. This technology helps to upgrade your devices or repair it.

These are some technologies that are yet to be launched in the market. But for sure, this information has attracted your attention.


The above article expounds on the benefits of smart home. It also gives information on how to change from a normal home to one filled with smart electronic appliances. But is the change easy? It is a little difficult, right? Let us imagine, you are an electrical engineer and have ten years of experience. Now, you want to change your old home in Bangalore to a smart one. You have extensive knowledge about the internet of things, how to connect electrical instruments and more. Since many electronic appliances in your home are of the old variety, you want to replace with new smart models. And that means making a little bit of home renovation, adjustments and all.

Now you have to check for companies who take civil construction and home renovation projects. Now, where will you search for the best civil engineering companies in Bangalore? It is hard to find trustworthy companies from referrals. However, if you want to

hire the best company, take the help of companies offering qualified handyman

professionals for home services Bangalore. You can check the profiles of these organizations in the company’s app.

You can also book for inspection via the app. Please note, the civil engineering organizations are checked by the home services company for their credentials before their name gets included in the customer-vendor list. So, these organizations are trustworthy and you can expect them to complete the home renovation as per your requirement.

All the best for your home renovation project!

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