Best SEO Hacks to Generate Traffic to Your Site

Many businesses are struggling to get high ranking to outshine their competitors. Some of the tactics used are targeting keywords, creating awesome and quality content, and having an XML sitemap. At the end of it all, you will really be pushing so hard to get a return on investment of your SEO. There are many reasons why you are failing in your SEO implementation and your competitors are thriving is maybe because you are not using the right strategy. The good thing is that you can always try out new strategies until you get it right. Or you can seek the best SEO Services.

Best SEO Hacks to Generate Traffic to Your Site

Having the right mindset and a positive attitude is also a good ingredient in producing an effective SEO strategy. It all in the mind and if you perceive it, you will definitely achieve it. SEO is not as hard as many think and the good news is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Additionally, there are other simpler SEO hacks to achieve your SEO goals. You’ll be surprised to see that these methods work even better than those other complex ones. This article will give you some of the most effective simple SEO hacks that anyone can try out.

To understand whether you are heading in the right direction, ask yourself: What kinds of flaws does my SEO have? Some of the many mistakes made by webmasters include:

Depending on Outdated Practices

SEO practices keep on changing every day and you need to change your approach every time. The king of search engines is Google and it always has the last say. One thing you have to realize about Google is that it keeps on making changes to improve user experience in its engine. This should prompt you to go with the flow and update your SEO hacks and techniques. If you are not generating enough RIO, it means that you are using old methods that may not yield fruits and it is time to change for the better.

Not Improving the Various Aspects of Your Site

When seeking SEO services you should know that SEO isn’t about external factors as such the number links. You also have to make your site user-friendly in terms of design and intuitiveness. You also need to have unique and quality content to get more SEO points. Failing to improve your website creates a bad impression and people may leave your site.

Assuming that Everything Will Work Out

No matter the niche you operate in, you have to make calculative SEO moves and not rely on guesswork. Set up web analysis in order to make a substantial conclusion on what works and what doesn’t. Tracking your goals is essential for your growth. Have the right data to establish your past failures.

1. Focus on Quality Unique Content

Many webmasters only focus on content that has a short life span and relevance. This intern makes its content lose taste and relevance after a short while. By creating evergreen content that applies in the future, you make your content topical for a long time. Content doesn’t decay and that’s the beauty of it. Therefore when trying to create content, check whether it’s going to stay relevant for a long time. This is the simplest most effective SEO strategy of all time. Visitors are always attracted by exciting content that arouses their curiosity.

2. Utilize Rich Snippets

If you want to make your listings in search engines page a bit different, informative, and unique, you need to use rich snippets. Once you are on Google’s first-page listing, ensure that you are getting a higher number of clicks. Although there are various ways to achieve a higher rank, rich snippets seem to work better in getting better CTRs. If you don’t have a clue what rich snippets mean, here is a brief explanation. This refers to structured data markups added to your sites existing HTML. This is not only good for your visitors to get information easily but also allows search engines to understand your content better.

3. Share Your Homepage Link Authority

Your homepage is a crucial element in your website. This is the entry point of your website and is the first place your visitors see when they access your website, therefore it must have all the ingredients to attract potential clients. Only an ignorant webmaster will ignore this fact and refuse to do anything about the link authority. If you are smart and understand its importance, you will make it top priority by directing links to other important subpages of your website. It doesn’t matter what links you regard as important, you just add them all in the body of your homepage and they will help you eventually.

4. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accessing the internet through a mobile phone has become pretty simple thanks to a technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is a coding standard for publishers that make website pages viewed from a mobile phone look stripped-down simple. Unfortunately, this is one of those SEO hacks that usually get ignored. Mobile use has grown tremendously since its inception and the tech keeps on changing and you need to adapt to this fact. Improving the mobile user experience allows your visitors to quickly access your information in a good time and an easy way. Search engines have also prioritized the mobile-first website to rank websites. AMP has greatly improved the internet experience on mobile phones by making websites load faster. A single second of delay means a lot in the online world and that is why you need to improve on your web mobile experience.

5. Use HTTPS over HTTP

Websites that use HTTPS are highly favored by Google than those using HTTP. They officially announced that if your website uses HTTPS, it will rank higher than those using HTTP. This means that if you want to apply your SEO hacks it’s better to use a website using HTTPS. The reason behind this is that they are more secure and trusted. Google is all about user experience and if they have to make a choice between the two, they will definitely go for those offering superior security.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve on your website’s visibility then it’s better to have a clear strategy that has been proven to work. It is not always good to go for trial and error. With these five SEO hacks, you will improve not only on-site traffic but also website ranking. My emphasis goes to mobile-first websites. If you have not made your site friendly to mobile devices you are losing a lot since Google has started putting mobile devices first when ranking websites.

by Naman Modi
Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launch their first successful online business.

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    interesting post, I definitely learned something, thank you. For m,e the best SEO hack was setting up my site architecture so that all posts link to my main article and each link I get anywhere on the site helps me with ranking my money page.
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