7 Ways to Engage Your Customers with Basic SEO Tactics

Imagine you gave a dinner invitation to someone but that person doesn’t know about your residential address. What you are going to do with all of the preparations you have done? All wasted!

That’s how your customer engagement works. You design a product or service for your customers and unable to engage your customers, then what’s the point of investing a lot of money or effort. Your accessibility to your customers matters a lot! After all, buyers are the asset for businesses and how one can take the risk when it comes to dealing with the assets.

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Are you a business person? If yes, then no one better than you can understand that the huge evolution of tech has made the competition tough. The industries are turning more into a hub of rivalries. Well, if I ask you that at what percent you are leading with your competitors, specifically in customer engagement. Do you have any idea?

Maybe you are hesitating to dig out the truth. Anyways, it’s always good to be late than never. I have made a list of tricks or techniques with which you can increase or boost your customer engagement, by integrating basic SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. If you are interested, then keep going with the flow and read below!

#1. Play with the words of mouth tactic- Content 

Hitting the consumer insight is one of the best techniques of staying on the top of your customers’ mind. This may sound tricky for you, but in actual, this tactic helps in tricking your customers. Words-of-mouth! Have you ever heard this term before? I’m sure you have because this is all that buzzing around.

Remember your good-old-childhood days? When you used to play ‘hide and seek, the game of words-of-mouth is just like that. All you need to do is to use your brand name, your outlet location or anything related to your brand- as a keyword or hashtag. Write a caption and hide the associated keywords in hashtags or somewhere in-between content. This way you can do brand hammering without going too annoying, on the heads of your customers.

#2. Use the most powerful tool- Social media 

Well, to initiate the game of words-of-mouth, marking presence on social media is mandatory. Many businesses avoid being on social media and I wonder why. Like how businesses can miss out on the opportunity of taking industrial leads. On the whole, social media is the best medium where you can maximize customer engagement, and then what are you waiting for?

Let me suggest you some tips with which you can go all widespread on social media. The contest is the best way to make the first attempt to engaging your audience. If you are a newbie of struggling with less customer engagement and held a contest and oh, don’t forget to make your customers visit your site, to see what you will be rewarding the winner.

#3. Post according to the time of your audience, not yours

It doesn’t matter at what hour you are free, all that matters is at what time most of the customers scroll their social accounts. So, use analytical tools and keep tracking the results. Identify which hours of the clock show more customer engagement at customize jackets and on what day of the week, your customers spend more time on search engines.

Once you are successful to figure out the timings, seize this opportunity promptly. Don’t leave the gap for your competitors; engage your customers with your brand by posting your products, offerings or anything related to your business. The hours on which you do posting equally contribute to grabbing the attention of your customers.

#4. Boost your sales with On-Page SEO

Elevate your sales graph with on-page SEO. Relax! If you are not familiar with this On-Page SEO thing then let us guide you. Well, this tactic is not a kind of weapon of search engine. It involves a few tips and tricks which precisely known as On-Page SEO.

For this, all you need to do is- keep your site user-friendly, write catchy titles for your products, work on increasing the loading speed of your pages, create an optimized loop in between heading, description and keywords, use Meta description technique to catch the attention of your customers, use referral links for your site and get ready to see the magic!

#5. Don’t sound misfit- act genuinely 

When I say tricky, it means you need to play on psychological grounds. Do you know how you can play with your minds? You are perfectly well aware of keywords but, still, you can’t find one in any of the descriptions or content you read. Ever wondered why? Because the marketer is master in playing on psychological grounds!

You are supposed to do the same. Using the keyword in your content? Cool! But, please don’t sound misfit. Putting your visitors in the prospect of doubts could lead to a big mess. Apart from a keyword, try to act genuinely in each action of marketing. Make it look natural, persuade your customers that it is not you who are captivating their attention but, it is their interest in your brand which is attracting them. So, try to act genuine and natural.

#6. Convince to buy by adding call-to-action

Showing up is not enough, convincing your audience to engage with you is important too. Have you ever saw those illustrated games where you are supposed to share the snapshot, after completing the mission? And oh, we all love playing that game and feel proud to share a snapshot after completing the mission. That’s what we call the real strategy of customer engagement.

Are you ready to do the same? Well, not necessarily you have to design an illustration or make GIPH. All you need to do is, add a few worthy words of call-to-action. Persuade your audience to participate and engage with your brand. Like asking them to ‘for the new arrival, visit our site now’ Or in other cases ‘login to redeem the discount voucher’ is another best way of hanging your customers on your site. Feel free to ask for feedback too.

#7. Create holistic marketing boundaries

So what if you are successfully running your Facebook page or maintain your site? Ignoring your Instagram and Twitter audience is still not a good choice. Do you want your competitor to lead? If not, then work on holistic strategies of marketing. Just like many others, you might not know that marking your presence on Instagram and especially on Twitter helps in acquiring the trust of your audience.

Once you are successful in tying the loops of trust, you are almost near to the success. So, ensure that you are catering to your customers equally on all platforms. By the way, using referral links on Instagram is another best way of using SEO for sale boosting.

Now, it’s your turn 

Here I’m done with the job, now it’s your turn to mark your footsteps and lead in this competitive industry. If you don’t want your rivalries to win, then start implicating the suggested SEO tactics from today. Don’t worry, you can thank me later, focus on your audience first!

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This masterpiece is deliberately written by Lisa Resnick, a big name of the marketing industry. Resnick is known for producing and suggesting effective digital marketing strategies for businesses. Apparently, this mastermind is working as a strategist for one of the fashion brands. To take inspiration from the work of Resnick, visit mens designer leather jackets now.

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  1. Lisa & VK,

    The ideas are good. I get inspired with ‘words of mouth’ tactic. Also, the on-page SEO checklist by Matthew is so detailed. Thanks for including such resources favoring us.

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I appreciate writing on this topic. Writing content and getting traffic is a heck of work but making the content interactive, is another big challenge. Personally, I like CTA’s, the more they are compelling the higher the chances of making a sale. Good job!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    super post. I like your tip on on-page SEO. I used to think that on-page has become powerless to move rankings significantly ,but I was wrong.
    Recently I updated the page on my site a tiny bit and reinforced the main keyword by including it a few times more in the body text, and it jumped from the 4-th page to the second, and it stayed there.
    I know it’s a combination of freshness and on page SEO, but still. Well place keywords can help a lot.

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