Do you laugh at your older blog posts?

Lately, I have been working on my blog’s old content. I even thrashed 9 articles from my blog last week and continuing the content updation still. While the process happens, I actually laughed and wondered if I actually wrote them. I mean the grammar was horrible, the sentences were dragging, and the subject knowledge was too lousy. Not as good as the current one, I don’t even know how you are feeling about this.

Do you laugh at your older blog posts

After that take-a-peek, I affirmed myself that blogging is a continuous learning journey and apparently a way to brush up the necessary skills. Now I feel like it’s an improvement compared to those days. In the early days of blogging, when I visit old content I wasn’t able to feel anything wrong and everything use to feel like perfect. But not anymore, I’ll get embarrassed now by looking into those earlier blog posts, Tweets and the way I maintained my blog. Maybe, someday I’d laugh at this article too, I don’t know…


My English is not as good as most bloggers out there, I accept that fact and I am working to improve it. I write the stuff every single day; either offline, leaving comments, Tweets or article writing. I look at other experienced people, record things and implement those in my blogging to grow myself. I realized that blogging is not always about making the numbers or money or thinking about getting something from others; it is also about learning each small detail that we lack. Blogging is constant learning and optimizing ourselves to do better things. Mobile apps and digital devices would ask us every single month to update them, as a human why can’t we update ourselves…!!!

In my childhood, teachers use to say that if we children don’t raise the questions or ask doubts it means that we didn’t understand the lesson completely. Today, I understand that concept. When we look back in the past and don’t feel a thing about what we did, it almost means that still, we are not good enough.

Our blog posts represent us, who we are, our scale of knowledge, and our attitude. Readers either develop the trust or lose trust in us by looking at the way we talk on the blog. The way our writing bears a resemblance to our expertise level in a particular subject. So it is very important to always keep an eye on the blog stuff that represents us. Either you laugh on older content or won’t, I feel that there will be always something to add in those old blog articles.

It’s good right, we should always update our knowledge, skills so that we can do the clarity talk with the audience.

If I visit some blog I’d easily understand how much clarity and knowledge that the author has got in that particular area. And that clarity makes me either to stay and continue the read or leave the blog immediately. It is always not about our bad English, but it could be also about our expertise on the subject and the way we present it to the reader makes the difference. Most people’s subconscious is designed in such a way that when they see the right things they immediately develop the right opinion on them and vice versa. It is more like; the First impression is the best impression. So we need to gain that impression from readers by constant learning and upgrading ourselves every single day.

Here are some ideas for you to check out while you take a look at your older blog posts next time:

  1. Always keep an eye on your old content; either you go read it like a general reader, put yourself in the shoe of the reader and understand what value is missing in the article or you thrash it if it’s not useful in any way.
  2. Look at your blog User Interface (UI) too. The more you keep it simple the better view it comes into. I don’t know about you but when I look into Mark Zuckerberg’s lifestyle or appearance I feel that simplicity is the real beauty. Check out your blog for any improvement factor in terms of how effectively you can offer the stuff that the readers want.
  3. Now comes your writing style. Earlier, I use to write the content like some unknown person is talking to some other unknown by not addressing the readers and also by not showing up on the blog. It’s like you are just telling the reader to do things but not enlightening them. Readers simply don’t listen to you when you tell them to do it; they’d listen when they get connected to the author. When the author makes an attempt to attach the reader with real emotion, believe me, that’s the finest way of building trust.
  4. The visual appearance of your blog post also makes an impact on the reader. Are you writing long-form paragraphs or cutting down the content using bullet points, subheadings, bold text, or adding images/videos/GIFs/IGs if necessary, interlinking, or writing compelling headlines or just plain stuff, etc.; all these factors make the difference while building a successful blog.
  5. How do you walk through the user who left a comment on your blog? Will you just approve the comment? Or respond back too? I don’t know about a few others, but I’d definitely appreciate the user by responding back accordingly. It simply encourages the user to engage more with your blog. It not only builds the bond between both but also lands you with the growth opportunities. Why I am telling this? Because maybe you were not doing this practice till now, hopefully, you’d do it after reading this.

See, all these 5 points that I have made above learned by solely looking back into my past articles. When I look back, I just don’t think about updating the old content, I also think about other practices that I was doing in the wrong way. I would analyze my past blogging behavior and will find out if any changes need. Starting a blog is easy but building it in a successful way needs the attitude of learning and practicing. And then my friend, blogging gets so much easier.

We all do mistakes and learn from those. Learning is the minimum qualification to achieve blogging success. The next time you look back at your older blog stuff, start thinking what better you can do to it and make the most.  Same goes with Life too; look back and develop the better version of you.

That’s all I wanted to say…!!!

Finally, I’d like to thank Vishwajeet for allowing me to write this article on his super blog.

Take care, everyone…!!!

by Mudassir
Hi, I’m Mudassir. Open to learn professional blogger at NettyFeed. I help beginners to build a successful blog by teaching the things that I have learned. Let’s connect sometime, exchange productivity thoughts and grow together.  

5 thoughts on “Do you laugh at your older blog posts?”

  1. I trashed all of my old posts that needed trashing buddy 😉 But before I did, many just did not capture what I was about. Way too much filler, wordy posts, all that silliness. Now I feel good about all my content but after gaining clarity. Excellent post bro.


  2. Hey Mudassir,
    looking back at your old blog posts and seeing that most of them suck is a wonderful sign of progress. You’re improving as a writer and it shows.
    So you should be glad and of course continue to learn and push forward, so six months from now, this guest post looks badly written to you.
    But to tell you the truth, from someone a bit more objective- it’s actually not. The article is fluid and I enjoyed reading it:)
    Cheers buddy!

  3. Oh my goodness Mudassir, I’m doing this right now and have been for about a week, an hour or two per day going through old content, updating or ditching. I can’t believe I ditched over 200 so far from 2011-2014. I would cringe when I saw the old posts come up in related articles on my site! I’m on a mission with 99 left to go 🙂
    This made my day! Glad I’m not alone. I know I did read once how Ryan did exactly that too. I like his word “Silliness” that’s how I felt about many of my old blog posts.
    Also noticed many readers are no longer around, no longer blogging since 2010. Amazing!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great Mudassir and VIshwajeet.

  4. Hey Lisa, Nikola, and Ryan, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and love for me. It feels really awesome and inspires me a lot to do better. Thanks a lot, guys! 🙂

    @Vishwajeet, big thanks for accepting the article.

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