How to Write a Blog Post

Are you a bit lost on how to write a blog post? You have come to the right place. I will break down a few simple steps for writing and publishing your next blog post. This is not rocket science. Blogging is a relatively simple endeavor. But your mind may fight you on this. Rest assured, listening to your readers, spotting their problems and writing a solution to their problems is the simplest way to write and publish blog posts.

How to Write a Blog Post

Listen to Your Readers

Listen to learn. Listen to your readers to learn about their problems. Shut your mouth. Open your ears. Do not talk. Do not assume. Simply open your ears and listen closely to your readers. Read their comments on your blog. Read comments on top blogs from your niche. Read your emails. Scan chats on social media. Listening to your readers is the easiest way to receive an unending flow of blog post ideas every day.

Spot Problems

Spot reader problems. Tune into reader pain points. Listen closely. Readers always give you clues or hints into their suffering points. Solving these problems forms the basis of all successful blog posts. If you want to know how to write a blog post, listen to readers and spot their problems. Have compassion. Develop empathy. Spotting reader problems is easy if you listen to people with a compassionate, caring ear.

Write a Solution to their Problems

In 2013, I noted something while circling the globe. Most travel bloggers worked full-time jobs in their homelands. Of course, the only reason was to pad savings for future trips, in most cases. I finally realized these travel bloggers needed an ebook to help them retire to a life of travel through pro blogging. So I wrote this ebook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Do you see how I wrote a solution to a common blogging problem? Do this for your blog. Do this via ebooks to open passive income streams. Ponder, plan and organize solutions to blogger problems. Maybe you have the solution in mind from your experience. Maybe you need to do a little bit of research to discern the solution. In either case, plan the solution then write the solution as a blog post. Keep it simple. Write for a 5 to 7 year old. Seriously, simple wins online. People want simple solutions to their problems through your blog post. Keep it super simple to become super successful.

Format with Headers and Short Paragraphs

Format your blog posts for easy scanning. Especially with high mobile usage these days, people have not the time to spend hours scouring blog posts on their phones. Format with headers and short paragraphs. Write short, crisp, clean sentences. Allow your post to flow smoothly. Make posts easy to read to write a blog post effectively.

Call Readers to Buy Your Stuff or Hire You

End all blog posts with a specific call to action to benefit readers and to grow your business. I promote one of my ebooks or one of my courses via virtually all blog posts and guest posts. I am an entrepreneur. I am a professional blogger. Professional bloggers promote their products and services. Get comfortable with promoting yourself freely. Offer readers beneficial products and services. Offer yourself the chance to boost your blogging income. At the end of the day, create value through your blog post then offer value through your promotional product or service. Don’t be shy. We want to know how you can help us.

Publish the Post

Publish the post. You are done!