What Pro Bloggers Do Really Well

Anytime I read a pro blogger’s blog I know right away I am dealing with the real deal. Why? Pro bloggers do something really well. Better than most bloggers. Certainly, better than struggling bloggers. What is it?

 Pro bloggers put themselves in their reader’s shoes better than anybody in the world.

 Professional bloggers have empathy. Pro bloggers have compassion. I visualize myself being my readers before I write a blog post. We always want to think user intent before writing anything online. Otherwise, you lose the connection. You need that connection to become a pro.

What Pro Bloggers Do Really Well

 Take this blog post. Someone chatted with me on Twitter a few moments ago. I instantly thought of user intent and how it applies to successful blogging. My success is based on helping my readers. It is that simple. But I can only help my readers if I see the world through their eyes.

 Let’s say I’m promoting my course for getting featured on world famous blogs. Some bloggers may feel this is impossible for them as newbie or struggling bloggers, and that it can NEVER happen for them. I assure these folks that it is possible for anybody to get featured on a world-famous blog if you are willing to put in the time generously. Create. Connect. Be generous. Trust. Be patient. Be persistent. Any blogger on earth, no matter your level of experience, can position themselves to land features on top blogs. I believe in you. I know you can do it.

 How do you feel after reading these words? Especially if you view yourself as struggling or new and lost? You likely feel that you can get featured on top blogs. If you are open enough, you believe that you could land these features. Why? I put myself in your shoes. I do my best to see the blogging world through your eyes so I can connect with you on a deeper level and help you and inspire you. This is what it takes to become a professional blogger. You can’t just talk about what you want to talk about all day long on your blog. Readers need to know you listen to them and solve their problems.

How Are You Seeing the World through Reader’s Eyes?

 Be honest. How do you see the world through your reader’s eyes? Do you write blog posts from a reader vantage point? Do you have compassion for your readers? Or are you annoyed at your readers? I went through a stretch many years ago of being agitated when readers would ask me a question or when readers told me they couldn’t afford what I had to offer. I had to face, embrace and release these fears to be compassionate myself, and to be a professional blogger.

 I began to see the world through my readers eyes when I cleared deep fears and blogged with compassion. Instead of being angry at someone who could not afford a $15 ebook, I gave away more ebooks for free. Or I simply told the individual to save up and buy the $15 ebook when they could afford it. After undergoing immense suffering in my life, I have a much deeper compassion for bloggers who struggle. But I only adopted this viewpoint because I cleared my fears, increased my compassion and saw the world through reader eyes.

 Even though you are writing the blog post you can publish the post with your reader solely in mind. Pro bloggers become professionals because they connect easily with their readers. Readers understand these pros and prosper them by buying their stuff or by hiring them. The process is quite simple. But sometimes, the process gets uncomfortable because you need to face your own shadows. You need to face your own fears, feel your own fears and clear these fears to see things from the reader’s perspective.

Lazy Thinking Not Allowed

 Lazy thinking bloggers never become pros because it takes deeper thought to write a post from the perspective of a pained, suffering reader. Such is the tuition you need to pay to become a professional blogger.

You can do it.

Be compassionate.

Think like a pro….by thinking like your readers.

Cultivate empathy.

Position yourself to be a pro blogger by thinking of your readers and by addressing their needs the next time you write a blog post.