Learn from these Mistakes before Starting the Social Media Strategy

Many people consider social media strategy as an easy process. Is it easy? No, it isn’t. Social Media strategy involves the use of the variety of platforms to target the audience effectively.

Many people get confused while starting the social media strategy due to lack of proper research. This results in big mistakes or blunders. It might even cause the loss of time and money.

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Here’s a list of some common mistakes which are committed by people. An individual should learn not to commit these mistakes in the future:

Not sharing the posts:

Many people make a mistake of assuming that once a post is published on a popular site, everyone has already read it. It’s a completely wrong assumption. An individual is required to share it many times because many of the people miss reading the post at its publishing time.

Focusing on Facebook only:

Facebook is a social network with 1.86 billion active monthly users worldwide. But, that doesn’t mean that people can set their focus on Facebook only. There are many other potential social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

Overuse and underused of hashtags:

What is hashtag? It’s an easy way to follow a discussion regarding a specific topic, taking place on forums such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is used to increase visibility. Some people tend to use a lot of hashtags in their posts without thinking about the relevancy of hashtags. On the other hand, there are some people who use either limited hashtags or no hashtags. Hashtags are a mode of engaging the people in the discussion. If an individual doesn’t use hashtags, he won’t be able to attract and engage his target audience. He must strive to keep a balance between the numbers of hashtags used. Moreover, if he tends to get involved in a hashtag conversation, he should confirm the motive behind the hashtag before getting involved.

Unaware of the competitor’s strategy:

In order to achieve more than the desired results, it is important to get a clear understanding of the strategies of his rivals.

Drifting away from the goals:

Before crafting any type of strategy, an individual is required to set his goals straight. The most common goals are to increase the sales conversions and drive the quality traffic to the site. Many people tend to drift away from the goals while trying to achieve them. It is important to keep a constant focus on the set strategies and objectives. People make a blunder of starting social media marketing without having the knowledge of targeted audience. An individual should also be aware of the target audience before making a strategy.

Not engaging with the audience:

Social Networking involves the engagement of the audience. If an individual gains millions of followers through different tricks but, fails in engaging the audience, he’ll not get successful in the strategy. He’ll start to lose his followers. He can engage the customers through replying their query as fast as he can, taking feedback’s, knowing their preferences and conducting Q/A sessions.

Working on too many platforms at a time:

It makes difficult for the individual to achieve the desired results. He can start with a couple of networks which provide the quick and efficient results such as Facebook and Twitter. He can then look forward to other networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a prudent step in the strategy.


Making mistakes is not bad but, not learning from the mistakes is wrong. It is imperative to rectify the mistakes in order to achieve the desired results. These social media sites must be utilized to create the brand awareness among the targeted audience.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

2 thoughts on “Learn from these Mistakes before Starting the Social Media Strategy”

  1. Great post Vishwajeet, all great points overall. As for me, I made the mistake of trying to tackle three platforms at once (Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook)
    Of course it was too much and I didn’t have any results.
    Now, my focus is on Twitter alone, and I already have something good to show for all my effort,

    • Hey Nikola,

      Indeed managing too many accounts at the same time can be a daunting task. Twitter is definitely a great platform to get quality traffic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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