7 Reasons Why You Need SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one among the few names that we hear in today’s business world.This is a process that affect the visibility of a website or a webpage in the search engine results. In short ,these are a set of rules or regulations that can be followed by a webpage or a website to improve their ranking on the search page results. SEO has been adopted world wide as a strategy due to it’s effectiveness.


Even when the market has changed drastically in these years the consistency showed by the SEO made it more reliable thus luring industries or firms to invest in SEO’s. As a marketing strategy, SEO checks how engines work,what audience searches,the keyword or search term used by them for searching etc. Regardless of how big your firm is proper management of SEO will always be an ingredient for you to build up your empire. If you are new to SEO? You can also check out SEO tutorial for beginners.

Here are the 7 reasons Why You Need SEO?

1. Optimal Insight

SEO is all about your website.A website will create an impression on the viewers on how big your company is or what your company does; First impression is the best impression.If your website is properly taken of or well optimized, it will increase the search engine visibility and credibility of your site.

An increased traffic will help Google Analytics to track valuable information about your visitors.These information include what kind of browser they use,which platform they use to visit,the proper keyword that the viewers typed in viewing your page.This will clearly give an idea about the target market,whether the product will be a success etc.

To know your customer’s needs and marketing products according to this need are utmost necessary to keep you in the field.

2. People Trust Google

There is a joke about the search engine Google.If you want to come out clean from a murder,hide the body on the second page of Google.You can laugh at it.But if you think for a moment you would clearly know that too right to be just a joke.Because even we does it.

If we search for something we usually get it all done in the first page itself.We don’t even bother to check the other pages of the result.So if your company is being listed on the first page itself, think about the trust you gain from all over the world.But this depends on whether you’ve set your SEO locally or globally.

If Google has given you a spot at the top with the other subpages below, think about the massive amount of traffic and credibility you are going to get.

3. Bypass Competition

Consider two companies in the same field with similar products.The product they are announcing are well needed for the target audience that is us too.One has a better and well optimized website while the one one doesn’t.

Which one would you trust more to do a transaction with ? Definitely the one with well optimized website itself right!!This will inturn help the company to grow more and become more successful too.

You must really ask yourselves, if your rival company has a SEO strategy the how could you not have one.SEO is an investment.Whatever efforts you give to SEO it will definitely give the results.

4. Cost Effective

Think of SEO as a long term investment.SEO is the most cost effective strategy because it targets the audience who are actively looking for products and services online.

The cost involve in setting up a SEO is too less compared to the Return on Investment (ROI) you receive and is a lot lesser than most of the other marketing strategies.It is way cheaper than the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) strategy anyhow.

This would definitely benefit you if yours is a starting firm as gathering a huge amount of capital is still light years away.

5. Brand Awareness

As you top the rank list in the search page,the exposure level of your website will be at the peak.The main advantage of this is that it will create a brand name for your company.Gaining a brand name means you are one step closer to your dream.

Being on the first page not only helps users to associate your brand with those keywords, but purges trust since companies on the first pages are often considered  trustworthy.

6. Better ROI

Return On Investment or ROI is used for financial decisions to compare a company’s profit to the net investment.If without a SEO strategy you managed to get a 5% sale from visitors,with a SEO you have the chance to get 7% or 8% but better than 5% sale from the visitors.Thus having a SEO strategy will always help you get more sales thus improving the ROI.

7. The Next Level

As the number of clicks and visitors increase , a steady growth in your business can also be observed.This will put your company in a position for the need of a better and bigger web server for accommodating traffic and sales that take place in your website. SEO is the best investment if you plan to take your business to a whole new level.


Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you about the value and benefits of SEO strategy in growing your business and taking your company to newer levels of profitability, branding and success.

If you are planning to hire a SEO company,hire from the top notch SEO firms present.Handling someone a guitar will never be the same as the one who knows to play one.Provide them with the budget and requirement of your company.

Keep them well contacted.Having a good relationship with the SEO company will always be a boost factor for you in the long run

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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    This is really great and thank you very much for sharing. Honestly, I do not know much about SEO but I know it is important. When I started blogging, I thought writing and publishing good content is enough to get good traffic. I was wrong. Quality content is just one factor only.
    Thanks again for showing the real value of SEO for bloggers.

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      Glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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