6 Blogging Goals You Must Set in 2019

At the rate in which blogging is going, it could take decades or even a miracle for it to become dry or stale. Still, there are those who are new to blogging or are learning to appreciate the art of blogging. Even so, the method and strategy of blogging change with each passing year.

6 Blogging Goals You Must Set in 2019

Bloggers have to constantly get in touch with newer ways of driving and attracting their target audience and upgrade their plugins and tools. That and plenty more that we hope to open up on in this article. Getting to the point, here are some of the premier blogging goals that you should be opting for in 2019.

1. Increase Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing enables people to earn a commission by promoting products of other people on their sites or blogs. Interestingly, it does not cost the buyer much. And bloggers will have a chance to earn a decent bit of green from that blog.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’scourse called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the jump start that you need. She writes a personal finance blog called Making Sense of Cents, which helped her earn over $106,383.89 in November 2016.

2. GetYourself More Organized

If you’re behind schedule, you could work to be plenty stressful later on to the point of being overwhelmed. Therefore, you should try to be more committing to your daily list of assignments and set up reminders for yourself.

You could employ the use of automation tools that smartly publish your posts at the most appropriate time for your viewers, even those that live in a different timezone. That way, you could have time to do other things on your list.

3. Double Your Page Views

Do you feel that you have been blogging for years but have yet to reach your total page view target? If so, then do the following;

  1. Update your old blogs and reach out to new customers who may have missed out on your posts years ago.You can also install a plugin that automatically shares your old posts on all your social media accounts.
  2. Implement a Pinterest strategy.
  3. Grow your list of subscribers.

4. Post Less Frequently

This step seems a bit out of the alley of social media considering how active users are. But it does make sense considering there’s too much content online. People only wish to see what they like and if they can make the time for it. Instead, you should think about posting once or twice a week and with robust data.

If you must know, Google appreciates longer posts as they will help your post move up in rankings and as a result, increase your page views. The reason this tactic works better for bloggers is that it gives them more creative freedom and focus in their posts.

5. Don’t Forget The Niche

The idea behind a successful blog is that you must stay true to the needs of your target audience. This point is more for upstart bloggers, but professionals tend to lose sight of it along the way. It’s simple; don’t post everything you think is shareable. Only go for the ones that relate to your target niche.

For example, if your field of interest is tech, then you should only focus on publishing posts around new digital products and services like smartphones, smartwatches and more.

6. Try A New Layout

Sometimes people just need a change of color to make things fresh and approachable. That is what you should be doing for your blog channel. You have to ensure that the design you pick reflects your personality and creates interest in your audience as well.

If you’re not neat in graphic designing, you should employ the services of a professional because the quality beats quantity.


Setting up Blogging Goals can help you to organized your task and ensure that you set some objectives every year to set up and grow your blog. If you like the post, Don’t forget to share it with others.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

8 thoughts on “6 Blogging Goals You Must Set in 2019”

  1. Hi VIshwajeet, I agree with all but maybe not #4. I’ve been experimenting and it seems with more posting you do generate more traffic. I’ll have results in a few months on my experiments with this one! I don’t particular like reading very lenghty posts, it is too time consuming! I think adding video is very helpful to generating more traffic and getting on Google’s good side as long as they are YouTube videos 🙂
    I’ve add more succcess with Pinterest recently, it is really due to Tailwind and using the platform more – you are right, it can work! Thanks for the tips and have a wonderful new week ahead!

    • Hello Lisa,

      I am agree with your points. However, It is not mandatory that you always write lengthy blog posts. It depends on the topic you are writing. Pinterest is really one of the best Social Networks and I am using it frequently after shutting down of Google+. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


  2. Hey Vishwajeet,
    great post and tips overall. I especially agree with #2. Staying organized is crucial when you’re a one man team. You must get thing done quickly, and with quality to boot. And that is hard, I tell you, by being unorganized you’re making it 100x harder on yourself.
    Trust me, I know…
    Thanks for the post, Vishwajeet!

  3. Hey VK,

    This is great. First, thank you very much for sharing this kind of posts because newbies like me are seeking this inspiration from expert bloggers like you.

    While I was going through this article, I felt like I must set these blogging goals for myself. Especially, think again about the posting frequency.

    And, I have changed my blog’s layout and color template. I hope you’ll visit my blog and let me know what do you think.
    Thanks again.

    • Hello Nirodha,

      Welcome to my blog. Seeing you after a long time. I am glad that you find the post useful. Your blog layout looks great to me. Wish you Good Luck with your Blog. Keep visiting!


      • Yeah, I couldn’t do anything for weeks because we, Sri Lankans have faced a terrifying terrorist attack.

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