Cloud and AI: The Tech for Future

Today, every tech-enthusiastic person is very well aware of the tremendous potential of cloud computing and how this platform is already disrupting the businesses today. Over time, the cloud has emerged as cutting-edge technology and this is the reason why most of the companies are thinking about the effective usage of the cloud for their respective industries. Cloud has undergone several major changes with trend shifts taking place over time like mobile phones replacing the traditional computer systems and the emergence of IoT. The next major disruption can witness how AI is going to enhance the way Cloud.

Cloud and AI

As per an online report published by a leading cloud giant states that the union of AI and cloud can prove to drive the change and also be the source of innovation. Cloud helps the AI systems with all the information that is needed and parallelly, AI systems are capable of providing information to the cloud that can drive out more data. The combination of cloud and AI could help in enhancing the rate at which AI has been developed. Another report published by the same tech-giant also states that 65% of the early tech adopters consider AI as a significant criterion for determining the success of their organization. Further, more than 50% believe that AI is important for their digital transformation. With all these shifts taking place, it is evident to say that the capabilities of AI are going to rise and simultaneously the demand for cloud will also be on the higher side.

Cloud-Enabled AI

According to a report published by a cloud giant- 90% of the early adopters of cloud have a belief that the cloud is going to play a significant role in their AI-based initiatives in the future. Another 55% of the users go for cloud-based services for leveraging SaaS and PaaS for executing and deploying AI-infused outcomes. The early adopters share their experiences by claiming that cloud technology plays a significant role when it comes it AI adoption. It is clear that pervasive AI is always backed by a pervasive cloud.

Modern Day Scenario: AI in Cloud

We are already witnessing a huge amount of investment being done on the capabilities of AI in various cloud platforms. Tech giants have led from the front and many PaaS solutions have already integrated AI abilities. Based on these, cloud-AI technology can be classified into two categories- Cloud Machine Learning Platforms and AI Cloud Services.

The AI technologies are constrained to change with time and in the future, cloud platforms are going to be higher flexible models wherein AI programs would be widely supported in the form of web and database functions.

Can AI Fuel the Next Phase of Cloud?

Today, the cloud is a well-established technology and ruled by many IT companies such as ESDS. AI surely is responsible for driving out unique features that can have a direct influence on the upcoming generations of cloud platforms. AI needs support for new programming paradigms also a new infrastructure. Thus, we can expect AI capabilities to be supported and incorporated by the cloud as the main component of its infrastructure. In the coming time, we can also expect new cloud platforms that are backed AI. It is possible that we may witness the era of an AI-first cloud.

Transforming Business with AI in Cloud

AI in the form of chatbots is being increasingly adopted by businesses today for enhancing their online presence. ESDS’s chatbots service for banking and other industry verticals is based on Natural Language Processing system. This helps in making conversations with the chatbots more ‘real’ as these are backed by Neural Networking, predicting the intent of the user and then executing the required dialog flow.

Businesses also are using AI for improvising the operating methods that help them in keeping ahead of their competitors. According to a 2016 survey, the biggest advantage of using AI technology is that it helps in enhancing the efficiency of the business. AI can comprise tedious tasks such as- predictive maintenance, product design or even streamlining logistics. Cloud can make the execution of AI cheaper when it comes to execution. The early adopters of AI consider it for solving the existing scarcity that exists today in the data science talent. Business owners want AI for helping them to visualize, analyze and finally strategize along with the large sets of data. AI can help in bridging the gaps by enabling the processing related to big data.

Future of AI and Cloud

The fusion of AI and cloud is going to be a huge disruption across various industry verticals. A survey states that Machine Learning as a service market is estimated to reach $19.86 bn by the year 2025. The AI-cloud combination creates new thinking on the existing technologies as well as brings in newer accessibility mechanisms related to AI. Owing credits to the cloud, AI technology can be used in businesses. This is completely functional when implemented. AI technology on a technology lifecycle or TLC is still present at the emerging stage and it has a lot of obstacles to face.

On a concluding note, experimentation can be the best way of overcoming these challenges. Thus, cloud and AI are also digitally transforming the way in which our interactions are done with the world.