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We’ve heard it many times that “future of computers and businesses is in the cloud”! Cloud server and cloud computing is the rage in tech industry that has the potential to grow your organization from small to multi-tier. A cloud-optimized server is behind all the major operations that makes the internet a far more powerful entity. Let us look in the details as to what exactly a cloud server is and technology at the backend.

Cloud Server


Cloud server is actually a logical server that’s built, hosted and serves through virtual or cloud computing platform over the internet. It exhibits identical capabilities and operating mechanism to that of a typical server however can be accessed from remote locations hence the term cloud. In technical terms, it’s also known as virtual server or a virtual private server.


Cloud servers are principally based on the model termed as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). There exists two different types of cloud servers namely; logical and physical. When services are delivered via server virtualization, cloud server is deemed as logical.

This particular delivery model further divide physical server into two or more logical servers with each having a distinct operating system, set of applications and user interfaces to that of one another! Still, essential physical components are shared from physical server.

On the contrary, physical cloud server is accessible remotely through the internet; it’s neither shared nor distributed means services are exclusive. We also know it commonly as a dedicated cloud server.

Association with cloud computing

the cloud is considered a nexus of all Internet where reside crucial information such as email, accounts to various online sites, documents and other directories. A simplest yet finest example of cloud hosting service is a program geared towards business optimization known as Google Documents.

Once you create an account, these online documents are accessible anytime, anywhere required an excellent connection. It allow a user to create, modify, recreate, download and upload a document on the go so you’re always connected to business no matter what comes in the way!

All the information is stored on dedicated Google Document server and not on your physical computer for it’s a cloud-based application. There’re lots of other apps on the internet to tailor business and individual needs.


Ease of accessibility is the biggest benefit with cloud application. Existing programs are the simplest yet highly secure so that only authorized personnel are granted with login rights. A separate account and a password is granted to each individual user which means you don’t need to bother anybody lest having difficulty operating the computer. They can easily access from an alternate machine and work uninterruptedly. Yet another benefit is the way existing technologies are exploited; cloud applications take are lightweight and functions perfectly with only a few additional software requisite.


Imagine you’re stuck at the airport carrying those “very important” documents for an upcoming meeting. You can always upload these documents to the cloud server or share them with fellow co-workers. All you need to do is connect to the wireless internet at the terminal, login to the cloud chat app and attend the meeting.


Cloud servers exceed the usual operating systems. A Mac operating system user accesses the same internet as a usual computer user. It ultimately makes cloud an incredible innovation for software compatibility isn’t a complex issue any longer.

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