Do You Follow the Blogging Herd?

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Do you follow the blogging herd? Or do you follow other bloggers because you fear to step away from the herd? In nature, being in the herd benefits pack animals. Imagine a zebra surviving because he avoids a lion attack, blending into the herd. But human beings suffer and fail by following the blogging herd because your individuality makes you stand out from the crowd.

Do You Follow the Blogging Herd

I followed the herd during lean blogging times. I paid the price. But the moment I stepped away from the herd I immediately experienced greater blogging success because honoring your path and embracing your individual nature is exactly what helps you become wildly successful.  Does it feel scary to step away from the herd, at first? Heck yeah. For example; I honored my intuition for writing a high volume of quality blog posts and also, for publishing a high volume of videos and podcasts, but doing so felt highly uncomfortable at first. I feared to break the mold. I worried about publishing too much content, even though I knew each piece of content bled with value. We cling to our lizard brain at times, fearing we will be hurt or injured or may even die if we ignore our animal instincts. Living in the clan benefited us as cavemen and cavewomen because we avoided being consumed by saber-tooth tigers and cave bears and other wicked predators, during those days. But we are no longer living in caves; stepping away from the crowd and honoring your individual nature benefits you these days.

Blogging in your unique voice, honoring intuitive nudges and doing some things differently because it feels right to you all accelerate your blogging success at a brilliant rate. Thank goodness I never got serious about building an email list. Doing so felt heavy to me, for years. Why waste time and energy trying to force success through a strategy that obviously does not resonate with you? Why follow the herd when it just ensures you step in poop? Honor the fact that your blogging path will never look like any other blogger’s path; this truthful view of blogging will allow you to live your dreams.

Blogging is never one size fits all. This is why stepping away from the herd helps you succeed more quickly. We each wear a different size, walk a different path and have unique gifts to share that help us to stand out from the crowd. Honor these truths.

Realize that most bloggers struggle, and virtually all of these struggling bloggers follow the herd, into mediocrity, or flat out, struggle, failure and quitting. If your blog does not stand out from any other blog, why would anybody follow you? Give people a reason to follow you by blogging in your voice and by not following the herd. Step away from the crowd. Be you. Blog you. Stepping away from the crowd makes you shine like a bright light in a dark storm. We all want someone different, a free spirit, a bright light outshining other bloggers through your individuality. The very thing you hide, that you fear sharing, that keeps you in the blogging herd, is the very aspect of your blog and self that will help you become wildly successful.

Did you ever think about it that way?


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by Ryan Biddulph
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