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Welcome guys. As many of you already know about what is swalife and if some of you don’t have any idea that what is swalife then you don’t need to worry about because here in this article I am going to tell you all the information related to swalife. So, if you really want to know about swalife then you need to keep yourself active and read this complete article where you will get all the possible details about swalife. So, simply read this article very carefully and understand all the information which is going to be very helpful for you to understand about swalife.

What is Swalife?


So, let’s discuss about what is swalife. Basically, swalife is one of the online employee portal which was introduced and started by the Southwest Airlines which is one of the fosters co-worker communication. Generally, southwest airlines is one of the largest low cost airline in this whole world and basically they provide their transportation facility in the United States only. Also, for the management of their several services, they started an online portal which is available at the SWALife.com where they are providing lots of the Intranet service where the swalife employee can register their self in an easy manner by which they can access all the details by simply making a swalife retiree login.

If you are a swalife employee then you can simply access to the HR and also your Payroll data by simply making this login. Also, you will get the access of the several benefits. Generally, Swalife is providing multiples of perks and also the benefits and advantages to their employees which is also include the travel opportunities, and also the dress code and also lots of health benefits and some other benefits as well. Swalife is having more than 57,674 as per the survey held in the year 2018. Also, for more details you can simply visit at its official website at www.swalife.com.

SWALife Perks and Benefits

So, now here we will discuss about the Swalife or the SouthWest Airlines benefits. So, SouthWest Airlines is having lots of perks from its southwest legendary culture for the employees travel privilleger and also for those who are eligible for the dependents. With the help of the SWALife.com online portal, the Swalife employees are able to get several types of the benefits which is subject to the vesting requirements and also related to the ProfitSharing Plan as well.


If we talk about the Swalife health benefits then it will offer several advantages but make sure that advantages are only available for its registered employees only and it will also include the dental coverage, vision coverage, health savings account, spending account, life insurance, short term disability and much more.

  • Dental Coverage

With the help of this plan, the employees will get several dental coverage option like preventive, major, basic and also the orthodontic coverage as well.

  • Medical Coverage

Here in this, the southwest airlines will provide different medical coverage option from the traditional Pro to a high deductible health plan. It will make the monthly employee amount to pay for the medical and the prescription drug coverage for themselves and also for their families as well.

  • Health Savings Account

If you are a southwest airline employee and also if you are enroll yourself with the health saving plan then a health saving account will be really helpful for you to save for the eligible healthcare expenses for present and for later as well.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

With the help of the flexible spending account, you means the employee of the southwest are able to make the tax free contributions for the health care and also for the dependent daycare as well.

  • Basic Life Insurance

By using the basic life insurance plan, the employees are able to protect themselves and also to their families in the event of an accident of any miss-happening.

  • Other Available Benefits

Here, Swalife will offer some of the other benefits to its employees like as the child or the elder care resource and also some of the referral program, adoption assistance reimbursement, committed partner benefits, supplemental hospital insurance, a pet programmer, auto and home insurance, a concierge program and also a long term care insurance as well.

Financial Rewards

The Swalife employee are able to get the excellent pay and also they can prepare their self for the future plan along with some of the exceptional retirement programs which is available at swalife.

  • 401(k) Plan

With the help of 401(k) plan, pre tax and the Roth after the tax contributions, you are able to save the payments for your retirement plan. Also, with the help of the Southwest Airlines, the employee contributions of the dollar for dollar up to the range of their eligible salary between 8.3 to 9.3 percent. Also, the employees can simply select a broad spectrum of the investment options and also the roll over to the previous employer as well.

  • ProfitSharing

If we talk about the profit sharing plan then here all the employees can simply purchase the SouthWest which is one of the common stock and here they will get the 10 percent discount by the payroll deductions on every six month of the continuous service.


  • Wellness Rewards

Generally, this program helps the employees of the southwest so that they can simply live their life in a better way and also they help them to find a job. Also, this program helps the employees and also their spouses by which they can simply earn up to $500 by simply following some of the easy and simple steps.

  • Clear Skies – Employees Assistance Program

The Southwest employees and also their families are able to get the free counselling resources and also they will get the life balance tools.

  • Time off

The southwest employees can simply enjoy their off time for their personal use and also for the care of themselves or care of their loved ones. It is completely depends upon the working group staff and also the years of the service and the amount of the time.

Employee Engagement and Travel

The employees of the SouthWest can make a visit to any of the particular place in the whole world along with some of the travel privileges and also they can simply turn the recognition into some meaningful with the SWAG points on the swalife.

  • Southwest Airlines Gratitude Points

SouthWest Airlines really cares for the gratitude which helps the employees to view all the ways which remember them, by the SWAG points. Also, with the internet thank note, the employees can simply send a reminder to each other. Also, the employees can simply earn the SWAG Points along with the use of some of the recognition and also the incentive programs and also they can simply convert them into any of the further rewards such as the Guest passes for their family and also for their friends as well and also the gift cards, Rapid Rewards points and also the event tickets and the merchandise as well.

  • Travel Privileges

By SouthWest Airlines, the employees can simply get the free and the unlimited travel benefits for them. Also, the eligible people can simply include the Spouse or the committed or the registered partner as well. The eligible dependent children who are under 19 years old and the parents as well. Also, the employees can simply select their personal adventure along with the agreements pass with the rental car companies, theme parks, hotels and much more.

Training and Development

  • Leadership Development

SouthWest Airlines is giving and providing the leadership movement. Generally, it is one of the rotational program of the development which is completely designed to develop the well of the emerging leaders. Also, in process to prepare the leaders of the next level, the manager in-training programs provides the intensive leadership programs as well.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

The SouthWest Airlines is dealing with the different types of employees and they provide them opportunities for their professional development, education continuity and also the skills training as well. They are providing a $5,000 reimbursement on the annual basis for the full time employees for some of the degrees and also up to $2,500 reimbursement for some of the undergraduate employees as well.

  • SouthWest Airlines University

The SouthWest Airlines University will provide the technical training and also the personal and the professional training development chances with the help of the classrooms and also with the help of the online formats as well.

Final Verdict:

So, finally in the above given article we had discussed all the details related to the Swalife and also related to the SouthWest Airlines University. As above we provide you a bunch of information about the Swalife which helps you to understand about the Swalife in an easy and simple manner. Also, this article helps you to understand the functions of the Swalife. So, if you like this article then simply tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below and also share this article with others as well.