Five Ways to Build Credibility Online

If you’re selling items online, then you and your business need to be credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. The online market is about your words against your competitor’s words for customers money. And when you have similar products or services with your competitors, it boils down to who is more credible.

Five Ways to Build Credibility Online

So, what makes an online business credible, or how do you build credibility online? Well, we’d be talking about that in a bit, but take note that online credibility also extends to your websites and all your online communications as well. Here are five ways to build credibility online:

1. Frequently blogging

In the research by Edelman Berland, Trust Barometer 2014, online search engine and traditional media are the most trusted forms of media. With that at the back of your mind, having increased search traffic and articles about you will go a long in ensuring your credibility online. The best way to achieve this is by frequently blogging.

Blogging does not only increase your traffic online, but it also increases your leads. A business needs to have traffic and leads if it must survive online. Another benefit of blogging is that it can help back up your salespeople. Blogging could even push your sales forward if the prospect needs a little more proof. So, they are more likely to understand and believe it to be true.

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2. Release ebooks and white paper books

Publishing white papers and ebooks is a perfect way to establish credibility and trust. At the same time, you can use it to show your future customers that you know what you’re doing. By releasing new books regularly, you’re indirectly pulling leads into your sales funnel. And when you couple it with the right follow up sequence via email marketing, your credibility would further increase.

In the same research, as mentioned above, about 67% of people believe the information they get from technical experts or academic experts is very credible. So, endeavor to write a couple of books to earn more credibility points online.

3. Be social

We live in a social world today. When someone feels interested in a company or business, the first thing they do is head straight to their social platform page. If the company or individual update their page regularly and communicate with customers openly, they automatically earn credibility points. People are more likely to hire a company or someone active online than someone who isn’t.

When you’re social, you can establish credibility and trust online. To get this right, you have to follow some standard social rules. Firstly, you’d have to be transparent and authentic. Secondly, you’d have to listen to your prospects, fans, and customers and engage with them. Thirdly, respond to whatever question you get timely.

4. Encourage employees participation online

Encouraging your employees to participate online could serve as a walking billboard for you. When you have a team of employees who are spreading the gospel, you can reach more people than when you’re doing it all by yourself. Coupled with when people search for you online, they get more results. Engaging your employees is excellent, but you’d have to be careful, though, because when you fire someone, they could turn on you.

5. Engage with your brand ambassadors

Having a brand ambassador is another perfect way of earning more credibility. When you engage with your brand’s ambassador, you can easily win the trust of the people because they are interacting with someone they already trust. So, whatever your brand ambassador says, they already have that credibility factor. In the same research above, 62% of people would find information from people who are a lot like them to be very credibly. So, endeavor you treat your ambassadors well. The power of mouth marketing is enormous, and the benefits are equally as huge.


In conclusion, don’t believe you can build credibility overnight. It takes time, persistence, and diligence. And don’t forget, it’s essential to give it your best and put the word out there for people to recognize you. If you ever need help with social media or blogging, feel free to get in touch with Scribbify.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Build Credibility Online”

  1. Well done bro. Being social is a simple way to build cred Vishwajeet, and you are the King of Being Social in blogging. I see your comments, Likes and Shares everywhere, on blogs, Facebook, Twitter. This builds cred because it makes you human, warm, trusting and engaging. I genuinely believe most bloggers struggle terribly because they never open their mouths on other people’s blogs.

  2. Hello Vishwajeet,

    Blogging regularly and networking with fellow bloggers and readers is one of the best ways to keep up with the trend, and build credibility.. I remember when I started blogging 9 years ago, I was too active on the social media, and everywhere but as business expanded, I find little less time to do blog commenting, being online on Facebook, and all.

    But, I made myself busy a lot with my business which is a good thing but, yes I lost a lot of connections for not participating in communities on social media.

    Your post is like a reminder to me, I will surely try to be more active.

    Thank you for such a nice piece of information.

    • Hello Atish,

      Welcome to my Blog. Yes, when our blog grows the workload also grew tremendously and it’s not possible to focus on everything. I am happy that you like the post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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