How Do You Handle Blogging Fear?

Do you quit? Or do you struggle?

Do you fail?

Or do you nudge into blogging fear to face, feel and dissolve the energies?

No blogger is immune from fearing stuff, people or circumstances because all bloggers are human beings. Humans fear. I fear. I even feared I would have no time to write this post. But then I feared missing another day posting here, as I became busy yesterday and decided to go to sleep at 2 AM versus staying up later to write the post. Sometimes, humans need sleep and R and R, too. Dancing between both fears, I decided to listen to my intuition, the part of me fear-free. My intuition told me to do the abundant thing and write the blog post. Just make sure you finish in 20 minutes so you have time to go for your evening walk.

How Do You Handle Blogging Fear

Do you see how I handled fear? I faced it and felt it. First, I felt the fear-anxiety of having no time to write the post. But versus surrendering to the fear and not writing the post, I felt the fear and moved forward. Then I felt the fear of missing another day of posting on Vishwajeet’s blog. I felt the fear and chose not to feel paralyzed by the fear-regret-energy, simply choosing to listen to my intuition. My intuition told me to slowly and calmly write the post but make sure you finish in 20, to walk this evening.

How Do You Handle Fear?

Do you quit the moment you feel fear? Do you trust your fears? Or does fear seem to cripple you into analysis paralysis, inaction or flat out laziness? Struggle, failure and quitting are perfect byproducts or avoiding fear, trusting fear and feeling paralyzed by fear.

Observe my fear-examples above. Many bloggers fear they do not have enough time to write a post, trust the fear, BELIEVE they have no time, and do not write the post. The same bloggers look at me and all my posts and believe I am blessed, lucky, talented or driven. I just have a better relationship with fear than most bloggers. I tend not to cower to fear. I usually do not trust my fear. I am willing to uncomfortably feel fear. I tend to see the blogging journey through, whatever I do, blogging-wise.

If you handle fear by avoiding fear, you are done.

If you handle fear by wading into fear, and trust the fear, you are done.

But if you handle fear by wading into fear, feeling fear, and decide NOT to trust your fear, you will succeed.

Everything depends on your relationship with fear.

Do What You Fear Doing

In my eBook 6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears, I inspire readers to do what they fear doing. I once sat in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers in Thailand. I cannot explain the raw, primal fear surging through my body when I stepped inside the cage and the handler shut the door. You have this terror-feeling that this 400 pound, massive, apex predator could kill you in a split second, grabbing you by the neck and snapping it like a twig.

But I did what I feared doing, petting the tigers a few times, and exited the cage having conquered a primal fear; the fear of being killed and eaten by an apex predator. Now I see 100 pound dogs like lap dogs, or toy dogs, even when they bark at me. Fear is like that; conquer big fears and smaller fears vanish entirely, too.

Do what you fear doing blogging-wise. Step into big fears and the smaller fears tumble like dominoes, making you that much more fearless.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

1 thought on “How Do You Handle Blogging Fear?”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    This is fabulous. I have been drowning in the fear of writing for years because, as you’ve mentioned, I trusted my fear very much. So, it delayed publishing my blog for more than 2 years.

    I’m pretty happy where I am today. I have overcome my fear (partially) and wrote a few.

    However, that fear hit back really hard sometimes. So, this article helps. Know what should I do when it came back.

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

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