How to Retire through Blogging

Work your tail off, guys.

This is how to retire through blogging.

I promoted my blogging eBook for retiring a few moments ago. Observing the cover image of gorgeous Fiji, I pondered circling the globe for 8 years running. How in the heck did I do it? I worked my tail off. Many nights, I worked until 12 AM or 1 AM. Many mornings, I woke and worked at 6 AM. I love blogging and enjoy helping people but still, this journey became uncomfortable at times. Uncomfortable moments shake out scared, lazy, greedy or desperate bloggers. Fear-filled bloggers quit working their tail off if things feel too scary to go on. I embraced these moments and moved forward.

How to Retire through Blogging

Retiring through Blogging Is Fun Freeing and Freaking Scary

I strolled by the gorgeous Long Island Sound here in Connecticut. Many people on the beach took the day off from work to visit the beach. A fair number of these people will not take off another weekday until Thanksgiving or Christmas, 3-4 months down the road. Why? Retiring through business is not easy, comfortable or seamless. People prefer to take comfortable but unhappy routes to retirement by working a job for someone else, sacrificing freedom and unlimited profits for the illusion of security, for 40 years or longer. Most people love the fun and freedom of blogging but feel terrified to nudge into deep fears triggered during the blogging journey.

What is the biggest fear? Bloggers feel terrified to work their tail off every day for 6 months without seeing a single penny in profits. Bloggers hold back, not giving freely, or generously, being stingy, struggling and failing because they only want to work their tail off when making millions of dollars.

Newsflash; the millions of dollars flow in after you worked your tail off for FREE, for quite a while. Work your tail off for free, then, for $4 a week, then for $3 to $10 a day, then onward and upward. Work your tail off until you retire through blogging.

What Does It Mean to Work Your Tail Off?

Spend 4 to 10 hours or more daily creating and connecting generously. Help people for free. Increase your skills and exposure. Open income streams. Gradually, the money comes but you need to work like a boss well before making much money at all, let alone enough money for retiring. I love blogging but right now at 10:01 PM on a Friday night, I prefer to be sleeping or watching Netflix. But I BE the person who retired through blogging so I work my tail off.

I always remember Will Smith explain how he became a top actor. He vowed no one could ever outwork him. I love blogging but made a similar vow a while back. Nobody could ever outwork me, or, out fun me, or, out serve me. I give with love, have fun, and feel I am cared for, but in the same vein, nobody can outwork me on the blogging front.

Blogging success – and retirement – is 100% worth all the effort you put into blogging. No other option exists. Freedom is the goal. Put in the time now to be free. Do not even give yourself another option. Do not give in to fear and bondage. Never make the common error of believing retiring through blogging is some clean, robotic process. Nope. This journey gets scary sometimes and highly uncomfortable. But if you work your rear end off through it all, you will retire from your 9-5 job through blogging.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “How to Retire through Blogging”

  1. Great tips Ryan,
    retiring through blogging- it’s a dream come true, right?
    Well, wrong.
    The problem is that most people consider bloggers who live as digital nomads to be living the dream, and very lucky; and think themselves stuck in the dread of reality where they have no time to dream,, because have to work for a living.

    That’s sad.

    It reminds me of the opening of the second part of “Robinson Crusoe” where he, as a 60-year-old man, is preparing for another voyage and as he’s walking he comes across workers in the field, and thinks “poor people. They work so they could fill their bellies so they ‘ll have strength tomorrow to work again.
    It’s a vicious circle and they have no idea they’re being cheated out of their lives proper”.
    And Robinson at that time had his tobacco plantation in Brazil that’s the equivalent of the blog that makes money 24/7, after the work has been the done of course.
    Bottom line- put in the work and survive at all costs ’till you see the fruits of your labour, and they’re ripening as we speak.

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