How to Monetize your Blog Like a Businessman

Blogging is no more a hobby, in fact, it has become a way to make money and the trend of becoming a blogger is increasing rapidly specifically among young individuals. If you are also aiming to become a successful blogger so with focusing on creating quality content, you should also learn the art of monetizing your blogs.

You must have a realistic approach when it comes to making money from blogging. It means that in the beginning, you will be earning small but as you grow further, you will be making huge dollars from blogging.

 Monetize a Blog

Some bloggers depend on one single income stream and frankly, it is not the right practice to monetize your blog effectively. This write-up is worth reading for you as it reveals some practical ways to earn huge money. Followings are those smart ways of monetizing your blog so make sure you go through all of them.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense happens to be the most effective ways of making money from your blogs. Experienced bloggers leverage it actively and that results in earning huge money. You must place your GA ads more carefully for getting more clicks. It will also reward you in the shape of extra money if your blogs start getting huge traffic. For instance, you get almost 1,000 visits each day so it means that you should expect $200 to $300 every month.

2. Product Reviews

It is another smart way of making money when it comes to blogging. While digging out more, you will find that active bloggers make $100 to $500 through publishing at least 2 to 3 product reviews on their own blogs every month. If your site is really successful then nothing can stop you to get the maximum benefits from product reviews. You will be able to charge huge money for publishing product reviews.

3. Banner Ads

Banner Ads open up another opportunity for you to monetize your blogs effectively. You must remember that if your blogs get high traffic so it will encourage other people for placing ads on your own site. If you are site happens to be the successful one so you may contact some top brands for direct advertisement.

4. Blogging Service

You can also go for blogging service and it will also enable you to make huge dollars. You can sell out your writing skills and generate money. Always remember that this particular method of making money requires you to find clients. The more you have clients the more you will be able to earn huge money. A Big Example of selling Blogging services is Ryan Biddulph from Bloggingfromparadise.  He is an awesome Blogger with great knowledge and years of experience.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Every successful blogger leverages affiliate marketing and it happens to be the most effective way of making money. You must have the right approach to sell other people’s products on your own site. You must not expect good results right from the beginning you start affiliate marketing and it is the right approach.

6. Come Up With An Online Course

Coming up with an online course is another growing trend of making money for bloggers and you should also be ready to cash it out. You must explore out what online course will attract your readers. It will really help you to properly monetize your blogs. You may fail in offering a quality online course for the first time but never give up as it happens to be a great opportunity for making money.

7. Write E-Books And Make Money

Make up your mind to write short E-Books and start earning money. Amazon Kindle publishing in this regard will assist you a lot and help you to produce your first short E-Book. The interest of common people for E-Books is increasing and you must cash it out by using your high-class writing skills. The reason why you should opt for Amazon Kindle is that there are lots of buyers aiming to buy E-Books.

8. Go For RSS Adverts

You must go with RSS Adverts for making money and lots of website owners are using it to make huge dollars. You will find various RSS generators have come up with offering this service. Filling up your feed with sponsored messages and banners will open up a new opportunity to make money for you.

9.     Audio Advertising

Going with Pay per Play is another smart way of making money for you. They are called audio adverts, which play every time any visitor visits your site. These ads do not last for the longest period of time and take only a few seconds. The interesting thing is that viewers are unable to stop them and surprisingly they are capable of ensuring great conversion rate. Remember that you are paid $5 on each visit so get ready for it as this method will fill up your pocket with lots of dollars.


These are some of the best and prove ways to monetize your blog. With these monetizing options, you are able to generate good amount of money by providing your knowledge and experience. Don’t forget to share the post.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

6 thoughts on “How to Monetize your Blog Like a Businessman”

  1. Thanks so much Vishwajeet. Amazing how we can prosper these days. We need to think like business people or entrepreneurs to make this online gig work. Think success, help people succeed and so much sweetness awaits you.

  2. Once we know how to monetize our blogs, it becomes so easy Vishwajeet. I went from affiliate marketing to creating my own products and services. People who get to know me will opt-in and even better tell their friends. (I love word of mouth)
    We can monetize our blogs in so many ways as long as we don’t always tell people to buy buy buy, but instead give give give information and ten or twenty percent of the time give a strong CTA to buy.

  3. Hi Vishwajeet,

    The first step to become a businessman is behave like one. Once you learn the art of turning your mind into business zone, you will have everything that you were complaining about.

    A businessman;s goal is to make more money but also it should be make more friends.

    The more people know you the more opportunities you have monetize your brand.

    I always appreciate the way you think.


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