How to Become an Internet Sensation through Karaoke Apps

Many people want to become the next big thing on the internet. From doing comedy, drama & action takes, to posting random stuff, people will do anything to get the audience’s attention. One of the most effective ways to become an internet sensation is to join singing contests on TV. It is a proven fact in the past that even non-winners from these singing contests on TV can become stars! There are many well-known celebrities now that started their careers by posting videos on social media.

How to Become an Internet Sensation through Karaoke Apps

If you have a knack for singing, posting your videos on social media isn’t just the only way. Right now, karaoke apps are one of the most trending phenomena on the internet! So how do you prepare for it? Here’s how:

1. Prepare Your Singing Voice

The first thing you should do is determine your vocal range. Find out the limits of your voice by doing vocalizations, then choose which range you are most comfortable singing. There are six types of vocal ranges:

  • Soprano (the highest vocal range for women)
  • Mezzo-Soprano
  • Contralto (the lowest vocal range for women)
  • Tenor (the highest vocal range for men)
  • Baritone
  • Bass (the lowest vocal range for men)

Use a piano to determine your vocal range. If you do not have a piano, find out and listen to these vocal ranges on social media and test your voice. It is also advisable to warm up one’s voice before anything. It helps you reach those hard to hit notes if you have already stretched your vocal cords.

2. Practice

Go over the song you want to sing and divide it into different sections. It is advisable to practice the song parts separately. Below are the common parts of a song:

  • Introduction or Intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus/Refrain
  • Bridge
  • Conclusion or Outro

These are the common song parts for singers. Practicing the different song parts helps you pay more attention to the details of the lyrics, tempo, and pitch. It guides you in learning the melody and gives you a deeper understanding of what you are singing. Avoid singing the song all the way through unless you have learned the different parts well.

Don’t forget to use proper techniques when singing. The positioning of your body, your larynx or voice box,  and your tongue affects the way you sing. Do body movements and relax your throat when practicing.

Get inspiration from other singers that you like. Watch them how they move, how they vocalize and look for the diction in their songs. Look for their techniques on how they make the song sound so good. Studying other singers and learning their craft will help you become a great singer in the future!

3. Choose Your Musical Accompaniment

You can ask a friend to play the music for you as you practice the song. It could be a piano or a guitar or any other musical instrument. If you can also play an instrument, why not play it yourself while you practice singing? You can become a bigger sensation if people see you tickling the keys, or strumming the strings while you sing beautifully online!

If you want to do this alone, there are lots of ways to get musical accompaniment. If you are offline, you can always rely on musical tracks from DVDs.  For old-schoolers, you can practice singing by playing your DVDs at home, at a studio, even in your car! And, where can you buy the best portable dvd player for car – karaoke bananza!

Nowadays, you can easily download a karaoke app and practice your singing with it. You can practice singing everywhere, especially with the karaoke app. All you need is your smartphone and some earphones, and you’re ready to rip it out!

4. Record Your Performance

There are some karaoke apps where you can record your performance even if you are offline. If you are not comfortable performing in front of many people, it is best to record it first, then check which part do you need to improve on. Keep on practicing until you gain the confidence you need.

5. Do a Live Performance in Real-Time!

Now that you’ve gained the confidence you need and have polished your act; it is time to go live! Set your karaoke app on live mode and start to sing! In live mode, you can invite your friends (and their friend’s friends) to watch you perform! If people were not able to see your live performance, you could set your karaoke app to upload your performance into any social media platform, and invite people to watch it! Once people began clicking the links to watch your video, in a matter of time, you are going to become an instant internet sensation!

By following these tips, you have fortified your path to becoming a singing sensation worldwide! Will this bring your career to the next step? Will you become the next Ed Sheeran, Pikotaro, or the next William Hung on American Idol Season 3? You’ll never know!

by Aaron
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