How to Share Your Voice and Write a Memorable Blog Post

Blogging today seems like an easy thing to do: there are so many free platforms allowing you to start a blog, so many free designs, tools, and so on. Writing a memorable blog post impact your readers. It seems that all you need to do to become a popular blogger is to start a blog and just write. However, in reality, it’s not that easy. We see so many blogs starting every day – and we see so many of them closing sooner or later. If blogging was easy, this simply wouldn’t happen, but there’s a reason why only a few beginner bloggers manage to succeed.

How to share your voice and write a memorable blog post

This reason is quite obvious: they cannot make contact with their audience, captivate people with their writing and write blog posts that would be appreciated and shared. But how to change it and make your posts more interesting, able to catch the attention of your audience?

1. Create a captivating headline

The headline is the first thing a person sees when they stumble upon your blog post. Moreover, a headline is often the only thing that can encourage a person to read your blog post. These days people get distracted very easily: they see tons of articles everywhere but read only a few of them. That’s why it’s so important to make your blog post stand out with the help of a headline.

However, you should be very careful if you don’t want to overdo it. I’ve seen so many tips simply encouraging people to create catchy and impressive headlines, but it’s not enough. What’s important is not to simply come up with such a headline but also to make the rest of your post worth it. If a headline is stunning but an article doesn’t actually correspond to it or doesn’t answer the question brought up in a headline, the readers will most likely feel disappointed and deceived.

  2. Add a personal touch

Even if you are writing an educational article, this doesn’t mean that you have to make it formal and boring. Don’t be shy to joke, to write less formally, to add some things from your personal experience – this will allow your audience to relate to you better. This will also make the reading more interesting.

There should be some kind of balance in this case too: try not to sound too informal (of course, only if it’s appropriate in your niche), but at the same time avoid writing just like everyone else around does. You have to develop your own style and speak more like a friend than a mentor.

3. Don’t write just because of money

Yes, most people start their blogs with the intention to monetize them later. However, while some of them keep working for this goal and writing from their heart, the others start overdoing it and trying to monetize their blogs as soon as possible.

Now, I know that it’s quite an abstract thing, but people actually can feel when you’re only doing this for money. And sometimes they don’t even have to feel this: for example if your posts are full of keywords and promotions.

It’s okay to take it seriously and to view your blog as your business, but you have to understand that the success of this business often depends on the emotional connection with your audience. That’s why the right attitude matters so much. Write like you want to tell a story, to share your emotions and beliefs – and people will appreciate it. Moreover, this way the whole writing process most likely will seem much more interesting and entertaining to you.

4. Don’t forget about the details

Most of the tips I give you today are about emotional attitude because it probably matters the most. However, don’t forget that right attitude alone is not enough. Even if you are sincere and write about things that inspire you, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning and developing.

Being a blogger means keeping in touch with your niche all the time. You have to know how and what other bloggers write, what trends are out there, and what the audience wants. This way it’ll be easy for you to come up with interesting topics, to suggest some new ideas, and to create fresh unique content.


As you see, successful blogging is a clever combination of strategy and passion. You cannot write your blog posts based on strict rules – it won’t work this way. Your attitude, your sincerity and your desire to connect with the audience matter just as much as your skills and knowledge. However, even if your blogging comes from the heart, you still should remember to keep in touch with your niche and things related to it. Only in this case, you will be able to become a successful blogger, to captivate and to inspire people with your posts. I wish you good luck with that!