If Blogging Were Easy Everybody Would Be Highly Successful

Scouring questions related to blogging on Quora tell me one thing; blogging ain’t easy.

I know from my early days as a blogger, journeying from green newb to seasoned pro. But observing struggle on a massive scale indicates blogging is not easy. Why? Most bloggers struggle to succeed. If most bloggers have a tough time, rest assured, this is not an easy gig. Same holds true for any business. I read a study about some 17 millionaires share how each failed terribly with over 20 businesses before making millions through a business venture. Blogging – and being an entrepreneur – ain’t easy at all because even though blogging principles seem simple said concepts feel highly uncomfortable to put into action.

Peep my day; I spend most of my blogging day promoting most of my 124 eBooks. I probably blew your mind. I betcha it sounds tough, scary and nearly impossible to write ONE eBook, let alone 124 eBooks. Do you see what I mean? Bloggers fill themselves with so much fear and doubt that everything seems impossible or flat out too difficult to attain. How in the heck can you succeed at anything in life if you firmly scare yourself into failing because you believe it impossible to succeed with a venture?

Blogging is not easy but not impossible. Blogging is simple but highly uncomfortable because completing simple tasks daily for 700 to 1400 days to 3000 days for 10 hours a day feels scary, challenging, and sometimes, overwhelming, before you get REALLY good at blogging. After getting REALLY good at blogging – 10,000 to 20,000 hours of blogging experience – blogging gets super easy because your super skills, generosity and detachment allow success to find you quite effortlessly. I do put in a high volume of work daily, but work feels like play and flows effortlessly through my being. Why?  I spent 20,000 hours doing this stuff, so I blog like you breathe; I don’t even think about it….I just do it habitually.

Was it easy to blog for 20,000 hours? Heck no. Blogging weeds out so many bloggers after 1 hour or 10 hours or 1000 hours or 5000 hours because blogging unearths your deep fears. Either you face, feel and release fears to succeed or you avoid the fears and fail. Nobody moves forward and succeeds being burdened with deep fears because fear makes you:

  • stingy
  • hesitant
  • self conscious
  • shy
  • impatient
  • not persistent
  • attached
  • lack faith
  • lack clarity

each being a terrible quality for bloggers, and each guaranteeing your struggle, failure and eventual quitting. I observed thousands of bloggers come and go during my decade online. A small percentage found something else they felt passionate about but most quit blogging with a sour taste in their mouth, wasting their talent because they foolishly believed blogging was easy. What happened when blogging did not come easily to them? Like most people, they quit and defined themselves as failures and losers versus nutting up, facing and feeling fears, building character, and experiencing a life of fun and freedom through blogging.

Every blogger slams into fears masked as obstacles and resistance, testing their mettle. All bloggers need be straight with themselves to see how much they truly believe in self and have clarity in their direction.

Be honest with yourself. Blogging is not easy but it is possible to be successful. Face fears, hug discomfort and proceed. Success will be yours if you see the journey through.


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