What Most Bloggers Do Not Understand about Launches

So, you brainstormed your product. You did market research.

After outlining that sucker, you patiently create a genuine masterpiece. Imagine a helpful course perfectly solving a common reader pain point. Awesome. Everything seems ready to go. You feel excitement course through your being. Publish a sales page. Publish a blog post promoting the sales page, pointing readers to buy the product. Wow. The release date. Publishing the post feels like the beginning of something special.

What Most Bloggers Do Not Understand about Launches

So after sharing your blog post on Twitter and Facebook, you wait for big time course sales to pile up. Matter of time. You sense it. But sooner, than later, you feel.

Except nobody buys your course.

Literally, 4 months down the road, nobody has purchased a copy of your course. Most bloggers quit. At least, for course creation, bloggers vow to never take that failing, humiliating, time-wasting time path again. Publishing a product is so hard, you say. Nearly impossible. You did everything right. Why did nobody buy your course? How could that be? What gives?

You made a huge mistake before you launched. Years before, actually.

You never built your blogger friend network.

Launches by bloggers without blogging friends almost always fail horribly because you are generally as successful as the size, scope and clout of your blogger friend network. Launchers who build large, loyal, trusting friend networks generously, for years before a launch, find launches to be easy. Let all of your friends know. Some buy. All promote. Observe the viral effect. But most bloggers never build networks, preferring to blog solo. Not smart. Try launching a course solo. Few if any people buy your course because unless you pay a pretty penny for advertising, no network backs you, vets you or amplifies your reach.

Stranger Danger

So….you panic. Nobody bought your course in 4 months because you have no blogger friend network. Naturally, panicking, you begin to blindly, desperately email any blogger in your niche with a fear-filled plea to promote or even buy the course. Sorry guys; this approach is not intelligent. Every top bloggers says “stranger danger” to self and either trashes your email or labels the email as spam or junk. Why? Strangers cannot be trusted. Why would as established, professional blogger endorse a complete stranger they do not trust? You already proved you and the course are both failing, based on a desperate, cold pitch. How can a top blogger endorse a failing blogger and failing course?

The Smart Approach

Chapter 3 of my eBook:

Make Money Online: 7 Tips to Launch a Successful Free Giveaway

is 1 to 1 Outreach.

Far and away, launching either a free giveaway or premium product becomes easier if you help top bloggers for months before asking for their help on your launch. 1 to 1, email asking them how you can help them. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote them on your blog. Promote them on social media. Help top bloggers a few times a week – if not more – until your friendship grows. Top bloggers grow to trust you. Good. If a top blogger trusts you, chances are, they will promote your course launch. But only because you generously helped them without asking for a darn thing, for months, before asking for launch help.

Start networking now. Begin helping people now. Be generous. Befriend top bloggers. Never make the mistake of waiting for a launch, to desperately email bloggers, because these folks will not trust you. Make friends now, generously help top bloggers and when you launch, your supportive blogger buddy network will be in place.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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