Successful Blogging Tip: Follow the Simple but Uncomfortable Path

All I do all day is create content and build friendships. This path is super simple. I see nothing complex about writing a blog post, broadcasting live and commenting genuinely on blogs. Pretty easy too, now. BUT years ago, these simple actions felt highly uncomfortable because I had to face deep fears concerning myself, my abilities, blogging, and heck, everything in life, LOL! Was it easy to wade into these fears? Yes, because nobody told me to lift up a car, to make the sun rise or to fight a pride of lions. THOSE actions are DIFFICULT, HARD and IMPOSSIBLE. But feeling the fear and still broadcasting live on Facebook is not difficult, hard and possible. Nope. Broadcasting live is highly uncomfortable for the first few times.

Successful Blogging Tip

Be Like Clockwork

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Chapter 3 is: They Are Like Clockwork.

The fruit bats showed up at the same time daily to feast on various fruits. Like….clockwork. Be like clockwork in doing simple things like creating content and building connections through your blog. But know this; being like clockwork feels highly uncomfortable at times because you need to face fears. Yesterday, I was like clockwork in following my guest posting schedule, except I got home late from basketball games and was so tired, I fell asleep before writing this post for Vishwajeet.

Guess what? I simply wrote the post about 12 to 15 hours later than usual. I did not skip it, being like clockwork, even if I am a tiny bit later than usual. Did it feel uncomfortable to get almost all my writing done on a day when I had 8 less hours to work? Heck yeah. But I did the simple and uncomfortable thing of creating content to accelerate my blogging success. I also had enough flexibility to know I am not a robot, but a human being who needs sleep. I slept. I woke up. I did some Kriya yoga and meditating. I recorded a podcast. I write this post for Vishwajeet and you rocking Blog With VK readers.

Blogging is simple all the time, and uncomfortable a bit of the time.

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Certain stretches may feel super scary, or, super uncomfortable. Go ahead. Wade through these emotions. Do not turn around. Never avoid fear or resist fear because all blogging struggles arise if you duck, or evade, fear. Fear finds you through traffic and money struggles. Every time. Keep doing simple; create, connect and open multiple income streams. Keep doing simple even when it feels uncomfortable. See the blogging journey through.

Simple Actions

Write and publish 1 blog post today. Go ahead. Unless it feels super heavy, like, you are forcing things, you can write and publish a 600-1000 word blog post now. Do it. But observe the feelings and thoughts arising in your mind. This is fear. These objections form your traffic and profits problems. I create a bunch of content because I feel comfortable observing and releasing these types of fears, versus trusting the fears. No sense trusting a ghost, right? Fear is illusion. Only Love is real.

Comment genuinely on 5 blogs today after reading the blog posts. Retweet and Facebook Share the posts. Simple. This is it. This is how to succeed. But keep doing these things even when it feels uncomfortable. This is what separates pro bloggers from everybody else.