How to Accelerate Your Blogging Success with 1 Core Concept

Being generous accelerates your blogging business growth fast.

How it works: help people for free, improve your blogging skills, increase your exposure and see business success.

Sounds simple, right?

It is a simple concept to put into action but it is an uncomfortable concept to see through, until you make millions of dollars online.

How to Accelerate Your Blogging Success with 1 Core Concept

People are so used to getting money for their efforts that not getting money for their blogging efforts for a sustained period of time unearths fears like the fear of losing all of your money, the fear of wasting your time and the fear of being criticized by people who say you’re a fool for wasting your time.

The Problem

Most of you were likely raised similar to me: We are taught growing up to take care of yourself before taking care of others. Care for home base. Get a job. Get money. Pay bills. Buy a home. Raise a family. THEN, if you feel comfortable and cared for, you can consider being generous with other human beings.

Like it or not, most humans live mediocre or unhappy lives because most humans devote most of their existence to caring only for themselves and their families via working a job to get a paycheck. Work for free? Fat chance, pal! Most humans scoff at working for free and say, “Show me the money!”, any time work is discussed. This is why most bloggers do not succeed; they only want to work if they get paid for it because of childhood conditioning. Some offer lame generosity, publishing a guest post and blog post every few weeks, and act stupefied when 10 people visit their blog daily.

The Solution

Be generous.

Help people for free with zero expectations. Enjoy helping people. Trust in the process. Be generous. Keep helping people for free. Write another blog post. Write another guest post. Be helpful. Be generous, again and again.

Being generous accelerates your blogging success because:

  • you detach from blogging outcomes; detached bloggers emit an irresistible vibe in a world of greedy and desperate bloggers
  • you increase your online exposure by being in many places at once
  • you improve your skills through persistent practice
  • you increase your blog traffic and blogging profits by being in many places at once

Most bloggers write a blog post, try to squeeze as much traffic and money from it as possible, being largely devoid of generosity. Why do these bloggers act surprised when nobody knows about them, their skills and their blogging business? No giving means no skills and no exposure.

Successful bloggers seize every opportunity possible to help people for free until they become so wildly successful that they can pick and choose select opportunities. Gary Vaynerchuk did 2000 YouTube interviews. Some interviews generated 0 views, with unknown YouTubers. Being that incredibly generous increased his exposure and skills to where he impacted millions of people and made tens of millions of dollars. Plus he was featured on world-famous TV shows like the Conan O’Brien show.

Did he stop helping people for free when his 100th interview nabbed zero views? Nope. He did 1900 more interviews, working for free, generously giving of his time and talents to help people, to polish his skills and to increase his exposure. Evidence of his generosity is evident: he now has a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars.

Did he get lucky? No. Did he get a lucky break? No. He just generously helped people for free all day long until his skills and exposure increased to epic levels. Money flowed in and now he gets to interview – and be interviewed – by people like Tony Robbins, who also paid his generosity dues.

As I promote my eBook for becoming an expert with little experience, embodying this concept is the springboard. Being generous helps blogging newbies hit the ground running.

I write and submit 3-5 guest posts daily. I work for free for hours daily. Have you ever wondered why I live a movie-worthy life?

Being generous is incredibly prospering.

Keep giving freely.

Release heavy, yolk-like expectations.

Increased blogging success is on the way.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

6 thoughts on “How to Accelerate Your Blogging Success with 1 Core Concept”

  1. I agree, Ryan.

    Writing an optimized blog post and promoting it is not that effective way to make money anymore.

    Exposing our skills and blog by being helpful to others is the new way of getting success in blogging.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    You bring in something new each day into your writing and blend it with the concept of why one should be a generous blogger to become successful. In this way, you have establish a remarkable voice that can be quickly identified from afar. That is what makes you ProBlogger.
    However, the self-centered bloggers don’ care about being generous, they care only about their pocket or what’s in it for them. But they forget the benefits of they’ll get by helping other bloggers.
    Tha you for sharing, Ryan. And Thank you too for pubshning thi article, Vishwajeet

  3. Hey Ryan and Vishwajeet (VK),

    Great post with good information. I really appreciate your hard-work and effort that you have made and every-time i gain new ideas, knowledge while scrolling through your blog post.

    It is absolutely true that being a generous person accelerates our blogging success. As we know that people who are generous by nature always keen to help others and people always like to get in touch with them.

    Generosity increases our friends networks, generate more connections and also build trust up-to some limit. Generous person gain more attention and values from others and they always send good vibes out, whereas being a supportive and helpful person always get good support from others and in a positive manner.

    Very interesting post and thanks for sharing.

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