Long Term Blogging Success Flows to Bloggers Who Gain Massive Exposure

Imagine planting one seed for a tree.

Be patient. Water the seed. Allow the sun to heat up the ground. Over time, the one seed grows into a tree. Takes time and patience, but the tree grows from a centimeter tall stalk, to a 10 meter tall tree.

This is like writing and publishing a helpful, 600 word guest post on a single blog. Patiently, with time, the single blog post generates steadily increasing traffic.

Long Term Blogging Success Flows to Bloggers Who Gain Massive Exposure

Now imagine planting 5 seeds for trees. Being patient, watering the 5 seeds and allowing for ample sunlight allows for the 5 trees to grow to maturity. Some trees grow to 5 meters. Some trees grow to 10. Other trees grow to 7 meters. You have no control over the height of the growth but you have full control over how many seeds you plant.

This is like writing and publishing 5 helpful, 600 word guest posts either on the same blog or on 5 different blogs, spread out generously. Patiently, with time, the 5 blog posts generate steadily increasing traffic through 5 different channels.

Now imagine planting 100 seeds. Eventually, you grow a freaking forest!

Now imagine writing and publishing 100 guest posts between 5, 10 or 20 blogs. Eventually, you generate passive blog traffic through 20 different blogs, or, through 100 different blogs, via each helpful, 600 word blog post you publish and allow to grow.

Long term success flows to bloggers who gain massive exposure by publishing a content forest of guest posts, seeding daily with 2, 5 or 10 guest posts, because everywhere you turn, you see this blogger. If you gain this level of massive exposure, blogging profits will be yours because your detached generosity allows reader generosity to find you through hires, sales, and all manner of blogging profits.

Why Most Bloggers Screw Up

Most bloggers fear wasting their time and seek short term gain versus long term gain through massive exposure.

Example; most bloggers write one guest post and try like hell to get as much traffic and profits through the guest post. This is planting one seed and expecting or even trying to force the tree to grow 50 meters in 1 month. Huh? Impossible!

You cannot gain massive exposure by being attached to one creation as your means of gaining massive exposure.

You gain massive exposure by planting 5, 10 or 15 guest post seeds daily. Or, by at least planting 1 guest post seed daily. Imagine growing a content forest versus growing a single tree. This is the secret to long term blogging success and big time exposure in your blogging niche. Help a bunch of people through many guest posts and do not get attached to the traffic and profits you gain through each guest post.

Plant a forest, not a single tree, to become successful online. Keep writing guest posts and you will see why famous, powerful people became famous and powerful. These people do not sacrifice long term success for an obsession with short term, minimal, gains.

When you are literally in 100,000 to 1,000,000 spots online, people are going to be buying your eBooks daily. This is no numbers game. This is a fame game. Well known, outright famous bloggers were so generous with the Universe that the Universe progressively becomes more generous with them, by sending bloggers money through eBook sales, sponsored post revenue, ad revenue, and through all income channels you decide to open via your blog.

Again; focus on planting a forest, not a single tree, to be abundant and to see the sweetest results on a long term basis. This is when you see the power of your generous, detached service; all that huge exposure you gain generates passive traffic and sales for you.

Each day, when I spend 6-8 hours offline, everything keeps growing passively for me.

Such is the power of planting a content forest through prolific guest posting.