5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Need to grow your blog traffic? What are you doing to bring in the traffic at the moment?

While hopping and checking through a group meant for bloggers on Facebook, I came across a question that’s made me write this post.

A member explained how she’s been blogging for almost 3 months now and get only 5-50 views per day meanwhile she’s participated in different blogging groups, write at least twice a week, and shared her contents on Social Media but still yet get the Family and Friends Traffic.

5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic


This is very common to New Bloggers: Definitely traffic is the life of any blog Why? Its where the income lies.

A blog without traffic is like a hidden treasure in cyber space. Starting a blog is not hard, but maintaining and running the blog is where the work is, however quality posts should not be left out.

But hey;

You can’t publish quality posts and expect visitors to start flooding in

When I started my blog newly around 2014, Publishing quality posts was not the problem, traffic was.

What is the Friends and Family Blog Traffic?

It’s the kind of traffic that tends to bring in only little visitors probably those around you, your family, friends, folks etc. This Kind doesn’t convert, its categorized as not traffic at all!

What a discouragement, when you check your blog stats only to see 5-50 page views? But not anymore with this Post.

You are going to learn the various no-fail ways you can start pulling traffic to your blog and get rid of the Friends and Family Kind.

Lets dive into this long-awaited methods you can use to grow your blog traffic.

1. Promote other Bloggers

This is the most important part of this methods.

There are a lot of other practical tips that can help you build your blog traffic however one of the best ways you can get the exposure you so desire for your Blog is to actually promote other bloggers in your niche. My Blogging buddy Ryan Biddulph knows how reap the benefits of networking by constantly promoting other bloggers in different platforms including his own blog.  In this way, He becomes so popular and people love to featured him on their blogs.

How do you Promote other Bloggers?

Visit their Blogs

As much as you need more traffic so do other blogs need you too, Visit their blogs regularly and make sure to make it known to them that you are around by:

Leaving your Comments, read the posts and add quality comments. This way you are helping grow their blog’s community.

Get up and Start Blog Commenting

Make it a habit to Leave at least 20-30 Comments Daily and Tweet the articles: When you tweet people’s articles they get notification.

They do same to yours! That way you need not worry about traffic anymore. All you need do is comment and tweet their Posts, Build relationship using that Medium with both the Blog Authors and their Readers.

That’s what Pros used to get traffic and not just traffic (Targeted and Potential Traffic)

How do you Find Blogs to Comment on?

You could easily get more commenting opportunities when you click-through each of other comments on the blog.

That way you land on the Readers’ blogs and leave more comments and build more

  • Relationship with the Author/Readers
  • Traffic
  • Exposure for your Blog

2. Do not Rely on Social Media Traffic But Use it (Wisely)

Did you know Facebook went down in August 2017 and also few times in subsequent years? It was huge that got everyone pondering on twitter.

Sharing your Posts on Social Media is OK but Putting one’s all eggs in one basket is one of the biggest mistakes that’s always made and one of the reasons you get the Friends and Family Blog Traffic.

Sure, Facebook and other social media network has helped a lot and still helping.

However it should not be seen as the only good network for blog promotion and growth.

Just like any other Social Media Network, they could crash any time, any day.

So what happens if they do?

Spend more time doing blog hopping instead!

Sharing on Social Media might not be so effective at times!

I once had that mindset:

-Write a Post

– Publish

– Share on Social Media

– Relax

That method doesn’t work, it can’t give you repeat traffic

So what works?

– Write and Publish your Quality Posts

– Help promote others Posts through your Commenting, Sharing and Tweeting (Blog Hopping)

3. Answer Questions on Quora

You are an expert in what you are good at. Ever heard of Quora?

Quora.com is a community of users, a question and aswer website.

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. – Quora

Is a big source of traffic if you add quality answers, you can link back to your blog as reference (Not spamming)

Start Answering 3-5 questions daily on Quora.

So the tricks Is all about building your friend network and you’d see the results (what you have achieved so far)

4. Don’t forget to Build Email List

Turn every visitor into a subscriber that’s the only way they won’t get to forget your Blog when they leave the first time.

You can easily use the Getrsponse Email Marketing Tool for building your email list.

When you build your list from scratch, you can keep your blog visitors and get them coming more often whenever you have any new post for them.

5. Write for Blogs in your Niche

This is the last on the list but an effective way of getting your blog exposed to larger audience from different parts of the world.

It’s also known as guest posting: You help contribute quality to other blogs’ contents and in return, you build a relationship with both the readers and authors.

This means more traffic to your blog. You need to take advantage of guest posting.

Practice these daily and you’d definitely not need worry about traffic anymore.

Take Action Immediately, when it works for you, keep repeating and it becomes a part of you.

Wrapping Up!

Following these tips I just shared with you, I’ve been able to grow my blog and still growing it on a daily basis.

Use it to your Success.

Your Turn

Are there other tips you feel should be added to the post? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

4 thoughts on “5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic”

  1. Hi Vishwajeet, you got this right, we can’t depend on one social network. I try to spread myself out and sometimes too thin but I don’t want to have to pay to play on Facebook everyday! I’ve branched out a little with Reddit and Medium to name a few. I try to comment like you mention but I’m lucky if I get to 5-10 per day. That’s what takes a lot of time to do it right. I don’t know how Ryan does so many on a regular basis! Thanks for the mention of my article here too Vishwajeet.
    One other thing I would add is not to to forget about SEO for a way to grow your blog. I recently outsourced mine this past year to improve my SEO game for the blog. It’s been helping too.
    Have a great day and a new week here Vishwajeet 🙂

    • Hello Lisa,

      You are right, SEO is very important and we cannot ignore it. If you are not so good in SEO then you have to hire someone to do the job for you. Thanks for sharing valuable input with us.


  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    I’m so glad you mentioned commenting because that’s how reciprocity kicks in with other bloggers. Also, people read comments and may find what you wrote was interesting, thereby coming to your blog. It is one great way to grow your visitors. Some will become loyal readers.

    Sharing other’s blog posts is another way to earn respect of other bloggers and readers. Everyone wants to be seen, and with that in mind, they see you as a good person that shares and maybe will share their blog posts too.

    The main way to grow your traffic is to share others. That’s my two cents lol.


    • Hello Donna,

      You are right Sharing others post and featuring them on your blog allow you to build a strong bond and relationship. Blog commenting is a great way to do blogger outreach. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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