What No Longer Blogging Buddies Do You Need to Let Go?

During certain points of your blogging career you will face resistance. You feel a bit deflated. Losing energy. Stats even stall, or go into a nose dive.

Something just feels off.

I felt this way 2-3 months ago. Everything stalled. Plus I noted some regression.

The stupid thing to do would be working harder and longer because working hard and long forces things, and force negates. Humans make things harder by trying harder and harder. Terrible idea.

I quickly owned my feelings, embraced some tough emotions and honestly assessed what and who I needed to let go.

Included in this crew of who I needed to release were some blogging buddies who no longer were my blogging buddies. You know who I mean. Former friends who follow you around, badger you, insult you, mock you, suffering in their life, trying to unload their fear and pain onto you.

What No Longer Blogging Buddies Do You Need to Let Go

I made a few clear cut decisions with these folks; I would never give them a split second of energy again. Literally, I decided to block new accounts, block or junk emails immediately and completely, 100% release any energetic interactions between us.

Wow, did that feel good! Immediately, I felt better. Feeling better, I decided to give virtually all of my attention and energy only to people who love what I do. Vishwajeet is one such dear friend. Hence, all the guest posts on his rocking blog.

The split second I chose not to give my attention and energy to people who did not love what I do, I wanted to give my attention and energy to people who love what I do. How simple and easy, right? But making this decision required me to make the firm and definite choice to let go a few no longer blogging buddies who I needed to let go.

Feel the Emotions

If someone is a good blogging buddy, but becomes a critic, and, chooses not to be your buddy, you likely feel a range of emotions well up in your being, like:

  • guilt for releasing them
  • embarrassment that you chose to be vulnerable to someone who does not respect you
  • fear they may criticize you after you release them

Most bloggers carry around a heavy energetic yoke of these emotions – slowing down their success – because they never genuinely embrace these energies, feel the fears, and make the clear decision to release former blogging buddies, for good.

Either you resist these fears and do not let go former buddies, prolonging blogging struggles, or you face and feel these fears, let go these folks, and move on from a freer, more prospering, successful vibe.

Feel the unpleasant feelings. Make a clean cut. Move forward. Once you make a clean cut, blogging gets easier because you let go being weighed down by guilt, shame, the fear of criticism, and other heavy, success-sapping emotions.

These people are former blogging buddies for a good reason. People who you stop trusting have no place in your life. Every friendship is built on mutual trust and respect. The moment trust and respect go out of the window, you are pretty much short one friend because without trust, respect and a mutual compassionate bond, you have no friendship.

At that point, it is time to cut the strings and move forward.

Be Firm

Ignore all future emails and friend requests from individuals who desperately want to grab your attention. Desperate people create new social accounts and email addresses to try to get around blocks and spam folders. Be firm. Eventually, these former friends disappear from your life to make different friends of their own. We live in a big world with plenty of people. Let them find their way.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “What No Longer Blogging Buddies Do You Need to Let Go?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    We have all been there, and it still comes around sometimes-the moment when nothing seems to work for you. Those times when you feel like you are in a stall situation. The idea of letting go is emotional. However, it’s worth it as it will allow you to evaluate yourself and the people around you to define the energy.
    It is the time to take stock of who is your true friend and who is not on your side.
    Than you for sharing these exciting insights.

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