How to Deal with Blogging Critics

Ignore blogging critics. Blogging critics vanish.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Sometimes, human beings refuse to face their own fears. If you refuse to face your own fears, something weird happens; you project your fear and pain onto someone you claim to want to befriend.

How to Deal with Blogging Critics

The internet is a fun place but with the fun and freedom, people who fear life try to hide behind the cloak of secrecy and being anonymous to take shots at bloggers. Do what I do; ignore the lower energies, to move forward.

Surround yourself with loving, caring, generous people. Give all your attention and energy to them, and none of your attention and energy to critics, to move forward with ease, love, grace and harmony in all you do.


I have had a few dear friends who had some obvious problem in their lives, because they went from being dear friends to caustic, biting and quite nasty. After moving on from these dear friends – who are quite lovely people but not friend worthy – these collection of folks went into full on, Jekyll and Hide Mode.  The nice person became nasty, like a jilted lover, and acted like a troll, insulting me, scoffing at me, totally flipping out.

What can you do?

Ignore the lower energies. Or, if you feel super compassionate, just ask, “why?”, then move on. I do this sometimes when people follow me around like a little kid, criticizing me, but in truth, criticizing themselves.

I ask “why?” because their assailing is 100% about them and has nothing to do with me. Maybe they ask the question and figure out their deal. Maybe not. Not my job.

Go To Where You Are Loved

Why do I write guest posts for Vishwajeet? I am loved, here. He showed me love. I show him love. What a simple principle for living life, eh? Give attention and energy to people who love you and give no attention and energy to people who do not love themselves, and criticize you.

Go where you are loved. If people love what you do:

  • write guest posts for them
  • engage them on social media
  • promote them
  • endorse skilled bloggers who enjoy your content

As you do this, critics may come and go but you pay these people no mind. Like, you are so happy and beaming with joy that you could care less about people who try to pull you down.

How to Frame Critics

Critics love what you do, but feel so unclear on their own life, that the only thing they can do is throw shade on you. People who feel unhappy need to unload their happiness in some way. Most humans feel so afraid to feel their fears and unhappiness, owning their feelings, that they would rather try to unload their fear and happiness onto you.

Do not engage these people, because unhappy people filled with fear and doubt cannot see clearly. Like an enraged bull, all they see is the red cape, and they charge blindly and mindlessly, at anything in front of their eyes. You know better. Release them. No critic is your duty to heal, convince, cure or, to justify yourself to.

Hang with Fans Not Non Fans

Hang with fans of your blog and brand. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to love and love will expand in your life. Give your attention and energy to people who love you and those people will grow in your life experience. Everything in life is love, expansion and sweetness. Give your energy to these ideals. Let all else go.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “How to Deal with Blogging Critics”

  1. Hi, Vishwajeet, nice to see Ryans post here.

    Right, critics usually have a problem with themselves, unless it is a constructive critic which may help, but this is rare.
    But better to stay away from destructive critics, these people drain our energy.
    Also, we should not judge them, rather have compassion 🙂
    We better be around people who love, support and inspire us.
    Great advice, Ryan

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