How To Get Google AdSense Approval [Proven Tips]

Google AdSense is one of the best and popular ad networks that help bloggers to earn money from their blog. However, Getting approval from AdSense is not an easy job. In this post, I am going to show you some proven ways to get AdSense approval.

 How To Get Google AdSense Approval

I am not a big fan of Google AdSense. You can still monetize your blog if you did not get approval from AdSense. Check out some of our best AdSense alternatives. So, Let’s Get Started:

1. Write Quality Content

Content always plays a great role in AdSense approval. You have to write quality and unique content for your blog. Do not try to copy other blog’s content on your blog. You can research the topic and try to write it in your own words.

Google is a big player and easily understand what type of content you are writing. Publishing duplicate and copied content won’t work at all. You can check our detailed post on how to create quality content.

To Get AdSense approval, you have to create quality content. Do not use any shortcuts.

2. Use a Top Level Domain and Self Hosted WordPress

There are many free blogging platforms are available which help you to create and publish your content online. But when it comes to more features and a professional look self-hosted WordPress works great.

Buying your Own Domain name will increase the chances of your AdSense approval.  You can use top-level domain names like .COM,.NET,.BIZ, etc.  You can buy the.COM domain for just $8.99 per year at Namecheap.

Use Self hosted WordPress to create your own blog. It comes from a plethora of themes and plugins that help you to create a professional-looking blog. Check out our detailed guide on how to start a blog.

3. Selection of a Niche

Believe me or not but niche plays a great role. Some of the niches like Tech, Health, Insurance has a good chance of getting AdSense approval. If you are in blogging and affiliate marketing niche then you are not able to get approval quickly as Google will not approve a site in the affiliate marketing niche.

I am also doing affiliate marketing and there is no need for AdSense on my blog because you can make more money in affiliate marketing than AdSense.

4. Work On Your Site Design

Nobody likes a poorly designed blog. So is Google. If your blog is poorly designed and difficult to navigate then it creates a problem. Use premium WordPress Themes from Themeforest, GeneratePress to design your WordPress. Make your blog navigation clear and simple.

If your navigation is not clear then Google bot cannot be able to crawl your blog pages and content.

5. Ditch your categories

I have seen many bloggers that they start showing categories on their blog in sidebar or in navigation menu. This is a big mistake. I highly recommend you to not showing your categories on your blog until you have 15 to 20 posts on them.

If you show, your application will get rejected as thin or No content.  So, be cautious to show categories until you have enough posts on them.

6. Create Necessary pages

Before you apply for an AdSense account, make sure you have necessary pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms, Contact Us, and Disclaimer. These are the required pages which are necessary for AdSense to approve your account.

These pages help Google to identify that the blog is Genuine and also know the Person behind the blog. These pages will create transparency of your Blog.

7. Speed up your blog and Don’t put Ads on your Blog.

Many bloggers start flooding their blog with banner and pop up ads. This creates a negative user experience and Google hates it. It will also slow down your site. Make sure your blog loading speed is excellent. Learn more about how to speed up your blog.  Make sure your blog is free from any type of ads before applying for an AdSense account.

Also, do not add any affiliate links on your blog posts as Google doesn’t like it. You can add affiliate links after getting the approval from the AdSense.

8. Focus On your Traffic sources

Google is very strict about this. You are solely responsible for the traffic that is coming to your blog. Make sure the majority of traffic coming to your blog is organic and coming from search engines.  Traffic that is coming from Social Media sites cannot be allowed.  So, keep the focus on your traffic sources.

Keep in mind that traffic has nothing to do with AdSense approval. Some users are spreading this hysteria that high traffic is required for AdSense approval. It is completely false to claim. You simply have to focus on the quality of your traffic.

9. Comply with Content Policies

It is necessary to comply with content policies set by Google AdSense. Do not publish Copyrighted content, images on your Blog. You can check the complete content policies of Google AdSense here.

Make sure that your blog does not fall to this prohibited content categories. This will lead to AdSense approval or in some cases will permanently ban your account.

10. Patience, Patience, and Patience

Last but not least. Patience is a key factor here. Do not rush for getting an AdSense account in a few days of starting your blog. Keep working on your blog. Add more and more quality content. Make sure, you create and start a blog solely for your users and don’t for the AdSense. Because Google Loves maximum users satisfaction.

You can achieve it by working on the above points.  Give your first 3 months of blogging to create and grow your blog. This will definitely ease your AdSense approval.

Over to you

Getting Approval from AdSense is not so hard as you think. If you work diligently and keep focused on your content and performance of your blog then you will easily get approval. I hope this post has helped to understand the key facts of getting AdSense approval. Don’t forget to share the post, If you liked it.

by Aaron
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