How Often Do You Turn Down an Open Blogging Mic?


I know I am not going away anytime soon. Like a bad cold. Or crab grass.

But here I am again, writing a guest post for you and Vishwajeet. I am happy to share my knowledge. I also happen to be on a guest posting run, writing and submitting guest posts on a regular business.

How Often Do You Turn Down an Open Blogging Mic

As a rule, I learned from incredibly successful bloggers never to turn down an open blogging mic. What does this mean? If someone offers you an invitation to guest post on their blog they offer you an open mic to:

  • help readers
  • help other bloggers
  • inspire people
  • increase your exposure

So what do you go if a blogger in your niche – or in a related niche – asks you to write a guest post? Well, think about your blog. Do you make millions of dollars a year? If yes, you can pass on the offer. If not….why not grab the mic! Seriously guys; if you enjoy writing posts for you blog just write posts for another blogger. Help bloggers. Make friends. Increase your exposure. Offer bloggers passive traffic.

As a rule, many millionaire bloggers and other super successful bloggers seize every opportunity they can to help people for free. Doing so helps them become well known, then famous, for all the generous service they rendered over the months and years. Blogging gets easier if you seize opportunities to help people all day long. Blogging gets harder if you turn down opportunities to help people all day long. Guest posting is one of the best ways to help people, to leverage your presence and to increase your exposure.

How Often do You Turn Down an Open Blogging Mic?

Way too many struggling bloggers turn down open blogging mics when they should calmly, confidently and patiently seize these opportunities left and right. If your blogging business seems slow, help people for free, to speed things up so your business picks up. Helping people for free through guest posting is one of the best ways to help people for pay. Just make sure to never gobble up guest posting invites from a desperate, hurried energy. This is fear, and fear repels other prospering opportunities. But do seize opportunities from a detached, generous, calm energy to have fun, to help people, to blog from an energy of abundance, and to become incredibly successful.

Vishwajeet opened his blog and publishes my guest posts. I am happy to keep writing posts. Why not? Really, why would I not write a guest post here and there? I may write 3 or 4 posts then shift to other blogs, but I will keep seizing open blogging mics and more importantly, I will not turn down blogging mics, going forward. I will only pass on an opportunity if I am seeing more and more opportunities from an army of new bloggers. Heck; I am seeing that now, but I am still writing multiple posts for buddies. Plus, Vishwajeet shows the power of friendships. He has been kind to me and incredibly generous over the years. I happily appreciate it through my thanks, and, through these guest posts. Plus hey, I am benefiting too. Win-win.

Seize Opportunities to Succeed

Keep grabbing the open blogging mic to help readers, to assist bloggers and to promote your success. Again; most top bloggers use frequent guest posting at some point during their careers to increase exposure. Other top bloggers guest post from a prolific energy to become successful. I have spoken to a few successful bloggers who wrote and submitted 2 guest posts daily to high profile, big dawg blogs.

Just say “yes”.

Grab an open blogging mic.

Help people.

Help yourself.


by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “How Often Do You Turn Down an Open Blogging Mic?”

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for Writing this awesome and informative post. I am happy that you mentioned to me. You know blogging is all about inclusive growth, where we are working as a team and help each other to grow together. I am happy to be connected with you. You rock Bro 🙂


  2. I like your take on guest posting Ryan. Though guest posting comes with a host of benefits attached to it, it is really nice and kind to guest post with the mindset that you’re helping someone else, and not just yourself.

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