What Separates Successful Bloggers From Everybody Else?

At 11:45 PM on Sunday night, I am writing this post.


I love blogging. I have fun blogging. Since I have fun blogging, I blog when most bloggers make excuses. Most bloggers are asleep now, I am awake, writing. If most bloggers are fumbling around on Twitter for hours, I am writing a guest post. If most bloggers are making excuses about not getting any opportunities to succeed, I make opportunities.

What Separates Successful Bloggers From Everybody Else

As I work my way up in blogging circles I know one thing: successful bloggers commit 100% to being successful bloggers every day.

Being ALL IN separates successful bloggers from everybody else.

What Does It Mean to Be All In?

Being all in means energetically being the person who succeeds, making blogging a big priority in your life. Being the person involves creating and connecting with an abundant mindset, fully focused on giving without worrying about what you get.

Top bloggers trust in themselves and trust in the blogging process so they give generously. Top bloggers may write 5 or 10 guest posts in a single day without seeing one email subscriber join their list. No worries. Top bloggers do not focus on lack, but do focus on abundance. Successful bloggers enjoyed writing 10 guesties today and will enjoy writing 10 guesties tomorrow. At the end of this year or next year, when a top blogger has 2000 to 4000 guest posts published, and appears to be everywhere in their blogging niche, does it surprise you said blogger makes 6 figures?  While unsuccessful bloggers hold back, trying to squeeze as much as possible from each guest post, obsessing over day to day metrics, top bloggers gave so generously and freely over the long haul, that the money floodgates opened up.

I have heard 7 and 8 figure earners discuss how they were ALL IN well before making big bucks. Some only made a few hundred bucks after publishing 2-3 posts daily for a year. Did these individuals panic and bail on a generous, posturing, intelligent strategy? Nope. Said bloggers continued to be all in, giving it their all in generous, detached, calm, confident fashion.

All those posts they wrote when no one appeared to show up soon became popular, and more people began to show up, read posts, share posts and buy the blogger’s stuff. Income rose. Clout expanded. Fame found these icons. But working generously and diligently, being all in, well before they saw stunning success was the reason they saw stunning success.

Be 100% Committed to Blogging

Be 100% committed to blogging. Blogging will become 100% committed to you. Profits and traffic are well on the way.

Successful bloggers make a 100% commitment to blogging. Everybody else commits a little bit, barely at all, or, some folks give blogging a decent whirl for a while, before quitting.

I cannot stress how even if you love blogging to your core, that, in moments, you will need to blog when you feel a bit uncomfortable. Midnight has struck in my home right now. I am officially working into Monday morning. Sure I would prefer to be in bed sleeping but I nabbed an inspirational idea to write this post for Vishwajeet, so I write, and we will take it from there.

I made an uncomfortable decision to work when tired.

This is a key difference between successful bloggers and everybody else.

Make a full commitment to blogging.

Blogging will make a full commitment to you.

If you need blogging motivation, look no further than the person in the mirror. Blogging gives you what you give blogging.

Dig a bit deeper, slow down, calm down, relax, and let inspiration guide you. Be a successful blogger even if you appear to be struggling or failing. As within, so without.

I will see you at the top!