Be Humble to Make More Money through Your Blog

One of the easiest ways to make more money through your blog is to be humble and seize any and all opportunities to help people and to gain exposure.

This is abundance thinking in action.

I remember years ago when the Huffington Post opened their platform to more bloggers. Overnight, HP became less exclusive. I personally knew many bloggers who freely shared their financial problems yet turned their nose up at HP, claiming they would never write and publish guest posts on the platform, because virtually anybody could post there.

Be Humble to Make More Money through Your Blog

Ego, arrogance and pride eat into your blogging profits until you go broke. Imagine not having any money, being given an opportunity to gain exposure and connect with people, to solve your money problem, and NOT seizing the opportunity because your ego believes it is too good for the opportunity?

As Count Dooku said; double the pride, twice the fall.

I Do Not Turn Down Opportunities

People sometimes tell me I am a great blogger or whatever but I genuinely do not let it get to my head. I am confident for sure but do not turn down opportunities to help bloggers with guest posts. Why? Being humble and helpful feels awesome, spreads my skills and knowledge and yep, being humble and helpful helps me make more money too.

Every blogger has their own approach, but when most pro bloggers pore over guest posting opportunities, thinking about metrics and SEO and Google and link juice, I just write and publish the guest post. I am abundant-minded so I think little of what I am getting and keep giving. But as you know from observing incredibly happy, powerful, wealthy people, the less you focus on getting and the more you focus on giving, the more money you will make online or offline.

I never look at a blog and say, “Nobody reads it, I do not know that blogger, I will be wasting my time, so I will not guest post there.” I accept the invite, write the post in 15-20 minutes and move on. Be humble guys. Being humble helps you see we are all equal. Plus you experience greater success when you go from being picky and exclusive to abundantly helping bloggers with no conditions or expectations in mind.

When Do You Begin Turning Down Opportunities?

When you begin making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year, and when you become pretty freaking famous, it is OK to turn down opportunities because you will be getting all types of invites for guest posts, interviews and features, and it becomes humanly impossible to keep up with the opportunities as you grow and scale.

Another note; turn down future opportunities from bloggers who selfishly, greedily or ignorantly do not give you credit for the post via your name and link. I sometimes write guest posts for bloggers who take the post, claim it as theirs, publish it under their name and do not give me a link. Being generous and humble does have its limits. You can school these fools or simply ignore them, label their email as spam, and move on, to be done with them.

Keep Being Humble

As worldly success finds you, keep being humble. Be generous, helpful and invite people to seek your help. Write for up and coming bloggers. You may just be the spark that helps them see their genius, to inspire them toward being more positive, confident and self-assured.

Be humble.

We are all equal.

We are all in this together.