How to Handle Blogging Disappointment

Every blogger experiences disappointment to clear disappointment.

Once you face hardship or frustration, and decide to feel the fear and pain feeling these emotions, you about become disappointment-free because you become more detached from outcomes.

For whatever reason, a few times during my career, I would write a sweet post for my blog and when saving it, the post literally vanished. This occurred twice. 

I know many bloggers who would be highly disappointed in such a scenario. They say, that they worked so hard! Then PUFF, the post vanishes because of some bug or whatever.

 How to Handle Blogging Disappointment

When those posts vanished, I initially felt confused because no explanation existed. But I quickly let go what appeared to lose to see what I gained. Aha! Good starting point for handling disappointment.

1: Let Go What You Appear to Lose to See What You Gained

Every disappointment blogging-wise tends to include some appearance of loss. You worked so hard and so long and have nothing to show for it. You feel you wasted aka lost time. And so on, and so on.

But you live in abundance. Every illusion of loss is pure gain. I appeared to lose 2-3 posts after writing ‘em on my blog but I gained writing practice, increased patience, greater detachment, and a more abundant mindset.

See gain in loss. Dissolve disappointment immediately.

This takes practice guys. Unless you are enlightened you will be surrounded by folks who focus on loss, scarcity, disappointment and all other fear-based illusions. Gravitate toward positive people and away from this crowd. Positive folks teach you to be grateful, so you can see what you gain amid the appearance of loss and disappointment.

2: Learn Your Lesson

I learned a smart lesson about 9 years ago; publishing 65 posts daily between 2 blogs may lead to 13,000 page visits daily on each blog, but the energy behind my work was so fear-filled and desperate, that I made almost no money.

I learned this: blogging is energy. Feel good, relax, work generously, feel detached, and as you work relaxed, and trust, success will find you. But if you work from a panicked, desperate energy, even if your traffic stats appear to be big you will struggle and fail using such an approach.

Imagine my disappointment at seeing sick traffic stats with almost no profits? Thank goodness I learned my lesson to avoid a future disappointment in this regard.

3: Pull Back to Lick Your Wounds

Sometimes you need to feel really angry, pissed off or crushed to clear the fear-pain that fuels disappointment. You cannot genuinely be positive if super strong negative energies reside in your being.

Pull back for a bit. Lick your wounds. Feel frustrated, depressed or angry, if these emotions bubble beneath the surface. Grab a pillow to punch or to cry into, to move energies along.

If you try to bottle up these emotions and put on a good face, you will have the same disappointments over and over because you cannot succeed while filling your mind with destructive energies.

Feel your fears. Proceed from a more calm, confident, grateful energy.

Disappoints Precede Growth

Every time I appeared to hit rock bottom I bounced back up quickly.

Disappointment is a precursor to massive blogging growth.

Do not fight your disappointed feelings. Do not try to bottle them up. Be with the energies, learn your lesson and accelerate your blogging success.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. For those who still do not know, Blogging is a tough career because at first you won’t see the results until it will come eventually.

    And in the process of going to the top you can avoid having doubts specially when what you expect still didn’t happen.

    Great post Ryan you’re really a great blogging motivator.

  2. Hey Ryan Biddulph,

    Great post with great tips to handle the blogging disappointment. I really like the tips that you have made, whereas these tips will be helpful for those who faces blogging disappointment. Seeing gain in loss and dissolving
    the disappointment immediately are really a good and positive ideas and will helps a lot. I totally agree with one of your mentioned line that disappoints precede growth, whereas disappointment and failure can be a great start for a growth and success. As this post will helps many readers and blogger to manage blogging disappointment.

    Really motivational post and Thanks for sharing.

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