Mobile Technology Trends For The Future

Before you start to read the contents of the article, do we have permission to ask a single question? Thanks for granting the request. Can you imagine ten tasks in a day which you cannot complete without the mobile? Did the number seem too low to you? The reason, there will be more tasks such as paying the phone bill, electricity bill and many more. So, the mobile can be called as the third extension of two arms, right? In this article, let us focus on mobile technology trends for the future. The reason, the applications for mobile are on the constant path of evolvement. So, here you go, to gain valuable and worthy information on the top technology trends in mobile.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Did we just notice your eyebrows raise a bit? The reason, you know about AI or artificial intelligence, but the impact of this new technology on mobiles has gone far. Okay, so you got a brain wave as your teenage daughter uses the Google Assistant to search topics for her project.

The next set of words will give more information

  • Alexa
  • Cortana
  • Siri
  • Google Assistant

The mobile applications use the software of various types to cut down on manual tasks such as typing the English Alphabet letters. In short, customer expectations and experience are given more prominence in the features of the app. And there is another factor regarding artificial intelligence. The software program collects information regarding your details and gives it to the company for more use.

Let us imagine, you have a company manufacturing mobiles for the Indian public. Also, you have a team which caters to mobile repair in Mumbai and entire India. You also have tied up with various companies in the entire country for giving doorstep mobile repairs. Now, your company has an app through which a customer can download the application and purchase your brand mobile. And based on the number of downloads, the information

given, your company gets to know about the business and age groups of customers. You did get the information, don’t you?

2. Location 

Have you downloaded a new app? Then you will get a notification among the many. The message reads like – Did you approve of the request to let this app track your location? And if you disapprove, either the download will not happen, or there will be challenges to face many features. Imagine the time, you booked for a ride on Uber or Ola. Please do not forget the fact information regarding your location and other details may end up in the specific company’s database for further promotions.

The recent use of mobile apps has led to geofencing technology. Do you also have a restaurant and have tied up with few info based websites? Then, you can get to know of the new customer’s favorite recipe, before he comes and sits down at the table.

3. AR or Augmented Reality

Do you let your child play with the mobile? Then she/he will take a photo and alter with the image. You will have horns, donkey’s ears and the nose of a pig. Now, how did this become possible? The modification happened because of Augmented Reality.

You can find the same feature on Snapchat and Instagram. But yes, you did make the right guess. It was Pokemon Go, which made billions from this new technology. And if you check the number of downloads of these apps, the estimate goes to more than 700 million with more than five million users per day.

4. Mobiles and Fitness

Mobiles and Fitness

Are you a fitness freak? Then you definitely must have information about bracelets, watches which monitor your morning walks. And we need not give the information that they can be linked with mobile apps. The best example is the Fitbit.

5. Revenue from Mobile Apps

Revenue from Mobile Apps

As you know, not all the mobile apps, you can download for free. Yes, there may be some, but there will be limited features. So, the number of paid apps will increase more in the upcoming years.

6. Internet of Things and Mobile Devices

Have you heard about home automation and the Internet of Things? It is a new technology where every electronic appliance in your home, can get connected to a common server. If you have a smart washing machine, air conditioner, they can send and receive data. Their working can be modified with the help of your mobile device or other Home Systems such as Alexa, Siri or Cortana.

Imagine, you have a Smart Thermostat in your apartment. You have come home in the evening very tired. Instead of going to the thermostat, you can modify the settings of the required temperature on the mobile. Hope you are satisfied with this example.

Home security has also become linked to mobile technology. With smart locks, you can allow any person to enter your home.

7. Mobile Security

Mobile Security

We have talked about mobile technology trends until the above topic and paragraph.

But what about the security of the mobile? It does also hold prime importance. And it is not a secret, many hackers are targeting mobiles for indulging in identity theft and holding the data to ransom. Yes, online transactions have grown, but there is not complete approval of downloading applications from the public. The reason, security problems, and distrust.

The demand for mobile security software has grown. And yes, there are many paid security software on the market. But it is also true hackers have introduced new methods to break into mobile security options. So, the demand for new versions of mobile security software is on the rise.

8. Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

This is an old topic. The reason, 2016 was the year, every small and medium company introduced apps for their businesses. And their efforts were successful, because the applications increased their sales revenue.

9. Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

You work in the night shift and become too tired in the morning to go to a restaurant for breakfast. You have left your parents back in the village and have come to Pune for a job. So, when you feel hungry, what is the best method? You already have Zomato and Swiggy app in the mobile. So, you can order food.

There are various apps used for making payments. Prominent among them are :

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

10. Biometrics


Well, this is an innovation which has been adapted in social media platforms. It is yet to gain recognition and acceptance among the public. In the present time, if you are working in an office, you show the ID card to the biometric door to gain entry. Right?

Now, do you use Facebook? How do you log in? Is it by Password or Facial recognition? If you are using your Image for gaining access, then the same technology will be used by offices of the future. The next step will also happen. Doors of your offices or home will be opened by signature recognition, voice recognition. And as you know, the recognition by fingerprint is already available.

Let us take the example of the iPhone. For many models, you need to give the fingerprint. Now, the new model makes use of Facial recognition features.


Yes, the mobile may be a wonderful device. But it is also necessary to follow the best practices. And if your home has children, it is a challenge to keep their hands off the mobile. There are times when you feel that the performance of the mobile has reduced. That is when you find many apps running in the background. You removed many of them via the rebooting method but find one app. Your various methods to remove the app failed.

So, the time has come for the mobile mechanic to make an entry. Imagine, this situation happened in Hyderabad. How will you search for the best expert for online mobile repair in Hyderabad? If it is an iPhone, you can go to the concerned service center. But this is another brand mobile and the purchase period is more than three years. So, you cannot contact the concerned brand service center. You need to hire a freelancer mobile expert in the city. And because of lack of time, you find difficulty to go to the mobile shop. You want someone to come to your fixed location to do the job. That is, where home appliance companies come to your aid. They will have qualified handyman professionals, in their customer care team. You can book the request for mobile experts via their app, and make the pro come to the desired location.

He will come and fix the problem. Have you read the article on top mobile technology trends for the future? Did you set the required information from the content on this topic? Yes, there are other topics such as cloud computing and more, but we propose to write on them in the future.