Never Fight Blogging Resistance

I find myself in a rare situation. My internet seems super slow. Rare because I never encounter this speed in the USA. But change is constant and all bloggers face resistance at times. Versus fighting resistance, I go with the flow and write this guest post offline. Eventually, the connection strengthens, or I trouble shoot and figure out the cause. No big deal. But this would be a huge deal if I allowed fear to make me fight the poor connection, to force myself to solve it, to complain, strain and strive, to overcome the problem.

Never Fight Blogging Resistance

OK; I rebooted my router. Lighting fast connection after that. But it goes to show you how not fighting resistance lets you find or allow solutions to manifest super quickly. Fighting blogging resistance is like punching a bag as hard as you can; only the bag slaps you harder in the face each time you punch the bag.

Punching the bag feels good for a moment. Dissipate your pain. Let go of your grief. Clear it all. But in the following moment, the bag slams into your head harder and harder. One moment of venting leads to 2 moments of self-abuse. Making matters worse, you do it all. You are at the center of the pain because you fight an imagined energy that easily dissolves into a solution if you cease fighting blogging resistance.

You create and dissolve blogging resistance through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Nobody does otherwise, but you. My suggestion is to be present with the fear of fueling resistance. Right now, one Facebook video upload does not seem to be working due to internet issues in that regard.

All good on the overall connection front but the video uploads slowly. Do I try to force the video upload through Facebook and plaster it to my blog ASAP? No. Release it. Surrender. Focus attention and energy on some other end.

Patiently be with the fear of fighting, straining, and striving. Patiently be with fighting, straining and striving. I am hours behind schedule today. Life intervenes offline.

But versus rushing around, pushing to make some imaginary end come into focus, I take my time and patiently write and publish this guest post because power attracts and force negates. Force negates.

Fear pushes you backward. Love, non-resistance, and relaxation move you forward. The key is to relax, to take it easy and to patiently allow yourself to move in directions away from fighting what is, to move toward giving in frictionless, non-resistant spots.

Do you have a tough time doing one thing because you face resistance? Stop doing that one thing. Move away from resistance. Move toward greater ease. Move toward a lack of resistance.

Does the internet speed plague you, where you are, today? Let it go. Turn off the internet, go offline, and begin writing. Guaranteed, the work you get done offline becomes a success accelerant when you go back online. Observe how much you get done in a distraction-free environment.

Turn off the internet. Release friction. Release resistance. Cut through difficulties like a hot knife through butter. Never fight blogging resistance but do give your attention and energy to non-resistant, available forms of creating and connecting. Work with what ya got, at the time. Guaranteed, the success you experience by being non-resistant allows you to run laps around other folks in your blogging niche.


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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for writing such an in depth post. It’s been a while that I actually read an article about blogging to the end. it’s really worth to read the full article. You know you are right that sometime we should give our attention and energy to non resistant and go offline, and begin writing.

    I completely agree with you that we should fight blogging resistance and move towards great ease and towards a lack of resistance. I am thankful to you for highlighting such a nice topic. Keep up the good work!


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