What Damaging Blogger Mental Block Do You Need to Release?

Do you know one reason why I appear to be everywhere online?

I never handcuff myself with the common blogger mental block:

“Someone wrote about it already.”

See this statement as being both true and untrue. Yep; someone almost always wrote about the blog topic you intend to cover because there is nothing new under the sun. Nobody can reinvent the blogging wheel with eye-popping, 100% original, never before seen, content. You and I cover similar or even the same blogging topics virtually every time we publish a blog post. But, this limiting belief is not true because nobody covered the topic in your voice, with your perspective, from your energy.

What Damaging Blogger Mental Block Do You Need to Release

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I create oodles of helpful content to be seemingly everywhere online because I know bloggers have likely covered each topic but none did so from my perspective, voice, and energy. Buy the eBook. See what I mean? Bloggers often explain how to gain massive exposure but none do it like me and none explain it like me. Knowing this, I blog from prolific energy and self-publish eBooks from prolific energy, too. No fear of covering similar content stops me because we all need refreshers routinely. Heck; if people learned, seized, and used all these blogging tips we cover, again and again, more bloggers would be successful pros. Have you ever thought of it that way?

Carry on. We need you to cover similar blogging topics because bloggers need the basics drilled into their minds again and again and again and again. Anybody who complains about seeing this content before is simply an unhappy, angry critic who has a problem with self and no problem with you. Think about how unhappy you need to be to set aside time to complain about seeing the same content? Do you really care about the opinions of critics who speak about how they see themselves, anyway? Give all of your attention and energy to loving fans. Fans take you far. Critics try to take your backward if you listen to and trust their worthless drivel.

Relax. Do you. Blog you. Bring your special, genuine, authentic perspective of the world. Bloggers want to hear what you have to offer. Be sure to blog in YOUR voice. Do not parrot established blogging pros. Everybody can spot a blogging faker. Everybody can also spot a blogging original. Just because you cover common blog traffic and blogging profits topics does not mean you copy or mimic fellow bloggers. We all cover these common, pressing blogging issues. But be sure to blog in your voice and to cover the topic from your angle, with your personal experience, to stand out from the blogging crowd.

Being 100% original as far as covering blogging topics is almost impossible because we all do similar things to increase traffic and profits. We also need to list the same titles to resonate with readers enough for clicks. Clarity thing. Worry not about using similar or even identical titles in regards to blog traffic and blogging profits topics. Nobody deviates much from the classics like, “8 Tips to Drive Blog Traffic” or “10 Tips to Increase Blogging Profits”. But drill deep in the post itself to add personal viewpoints, your genuine flair and all of you and your energy, to stand out from the blogging crowd. You shine if you blog from your heart. We all covered these topics many times over but for good reason; bloggers need to see these lessons, again and again, to allow the fundamentals to seep into their minds.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hello Ryan…
    Very well written.
    Glad to see you on this blog. Really you are very hardworking. I see you on most blogs.
    You are so popular.
    Best luck for your next Goal ?.

    Vishal Meena.

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